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5 Ways A Lawyer Can Help With Childhood Sexual Abuse Trauma.

Childhood sexual abuse is a serious problem affecting millions of children. It is defined as any unwanted sexual contact between a child under 18 years and another person who has authority over them or uses power or trust to cause harm. The consequences of childhood sexual abuse are depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse, suicide attempts, low self-esteem, eating disorders, and other mental health problems.

A lawyer is a childhood sexual abuse victim’s best shot at beginning the healing process by helping them deal with the emotional and psychological damage caused by the abuse. The trauma can cause lasting damage to the health and well-being of victims. Unfortunately, most cases go unreported for fear of retaliation, rejection, or disbelief.

As a result, most victims never get the chance to heal from the abuse. However, a sexual assault lawyer can help you heal from this trauma. So, if you or someone you know is a victim of childhood sexual abuse, contact a lawyer immediately. Here’s how a sexual assault lawyer helps.

1. Help Pay Counselling Costs

Childhood sexual abuse causes a myriad of health problems for the victim. Opening up may not be an option for most victims who get overwhelmed by shame and guilt. However, a sexual assault lawyer can help you heal from this trauma by helping you pay for counseling costs. Most sexual assault lawyers have trusted counselors they work with to help the victim begin healing. A counselor helps you relive the trauma without causing anxiety by creating a safe space to tell your story. They then use their skill and knowledge to guide you forward and prepare you for the legal proceedings and life after the abuse.

2. Receive Compensation

A sexual assault lawyer helps you obtain justice and compensation through legal action against the perpetrators. They provide support and guidance during the investigation and prosecution of the case. In addition, they guide you through the legal process to help you know what to say at all times and understand the legal proceedings.

Also, a sexual assault lawyer helps you get maximum compensation for the damages caused by the abuse.

3. Empowers You to Prevent This From Happening to Other Kids

When childhood sexual abuse goes unreported, the perpetrator remains at large and capable of repeating the abuse on other kids. However, a sexual assault lawyer can empower you to stop the perpetrator by filing a case and providing litigation services.

4. Provide Confidentiality

Depending on the case, a sexual assault lawyer provides confidentiality to protect you from bullying and harassment by the media or social media. This ensures you get to live free of stigmatization after the court proceedings and begin healing from the trauma.

5. Provide a Safe Space

For most victims, a sexual assault lawyer is the first person they get to tell their story. This means that a lawyer should provide a safe space for the victim to be vulnerable and share the experience to allow the lawyer to take the necessary legal steps.


If you are yet to report a case of childhood sexual abuse, you are doing yourself a disservice by prolonging healing. Instead, contact a sexual assault lawyer to listen to you and guide you forward in your journey to recovery from the abuse trauma.

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