There’s a difference between a luxury vacation and a stay aboard a super yacht. Then there’s a vacation that goes yet further: a stay aboard one of the world’s biggest super yachts. The world’s largest and most costly superyachts are equipped with more amenities than a 5-star hotel, including onboard pools, theatres, spas, and helicopter landing pads. 

These giant yachts transform the term “yacht” into something inexpressibly elegant, sophisticated, and extremely remarkable. They are owned by some of world’s wealthiest individuals, as well as a few unidentified owners who choose to maintain their luxury transportation a secret. While keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at the list of biggest yachts in the world and who own them. Click here for info of other offered yachts.

  • Azzam – 590 feet in length 

Most super yachts inside the top ten only differ by a few inches in length, but the Azzam leaps ahead with a significant amount of additional length. She was never built to gain the title of world’s biggest superyacht; rather, she was created to be an elegant and attractive vessel. Azzam was built backwards, with the interior plans agreed well before the façade was completed.

Her length was determined by the need to accommodate everything necessary for the interiors, that added 35 meters to her entire length. She’s also meant to seem smaller than she really is, with a mix of interior and outdoor living spaces. Over 4000 individuals contributed to the construction of Azzam, which took four years and six million man-hours.

  • Fulk Al Salamah – 538 feet in length 

The name Fulk Al Salamah refers to “Ship of Peace,” and it’s easy to see why when you see the stunning layout of this superyacht. Fulk Al Salamah, constructed under the pseudonym Project Saffron, is more like a support vessel than just a traditional superyacht.

She may still have all of the necessary for a very enjoyable journey, but she’s best known for serving as a cargo vessel for the Royal Navy of Oman. She’s also utilized as a peace yacht — and is frequently traveled throughout the globe in order to develop connections with the Sultanate. Influential persons are invited aboard at various ports.

  • Eclipse – 531 feet in length 

Eclipse took around 4 to 5 years from beginning to end. While she was always intended to be a massive, opulent Superyacht, the emphasis was on properly outfitting her than setting any records. She’s an award-winning superyacht with many areas to explore and a stylish, neutral color scheme that runs throughout.

Roman Abramovich, the Eclipse’s owner, was more concerned about amenities: he wanted and over one helicopter pad and a massive swimming pool. Terry Disdale, the superyacht’s designer, had complete control over the remainder of the vessel. It’s as much a tidy piece of architectural flair as it is a breathtaking on-deck experience.

These are the biggest yachts that we can find out there in the world and their owners. In future, we will be able to see many other larger yachts coming out as well. Consider this before looking for superyachts.