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10 most attractive locations to visit in Pakistan

Top 10 most attractive locations to visit in pakistan

Following decades of political stability and security problems, today, Pakistan is at the forefront of something extraordinary that has erased Pakistan from the list of tourists saving the most scared. Pakistan has extended its doors to travelers worldwide with greater security and political stability.

Pakistan is a beautiful country. With a maximum of 108 peaks over 7,000 meters, including K2, Southern Asian alpine scenery is terrific. Pakistan is an excellent place for an unforgettable holiday in the northern part of the busy towns of Islamabad and Lahore.

Selecting from many places in that lovely country might be difficult, and look at our options. Ten of the most prominent and most beautiful places in Pakistan are here.


Skardu has everything in Turkish waters, gorgeous mountains, lovely lakes, and friendly people. Spend a day or two in the village of Kachhura, at the resort of Shangri-la and in the dunes. Enjoy an unforgettable dawn and sunset experience above the river Indus. Visit the six hundred years old fort of Kharpocho to learn about the history of this area. Skardu Bazaar is a must for shopping and dining. Here are some fantastic local presents for the family and friends back home.

Trekking can’t help you walk the glaciers to the camps of some of the highest mountains in the world, including K2. Without a visit to Deosai National Park and Satpara Lake, your holiday would not be complete.


The beautiful town of Islamabad is a perfect spot to relax and visit the capital of Pakistan. There is greenery in the city with lovely roadways with a clean, peaceful, and peaceful atmosphere.

The reasonably populous city you will love exploring. The monument to Pakistan, the Lok Virsa Museum, and the Faisal Mosque are renowned cultural heritage monuments. Or, on the gorgeous, thickly wooded Margalla Hills, you may take the hiking trails and then drive up to Monal. From here, you will have a beautiful view of Islamabad and the vicinity.

This is an excellent spot for taking pictures for Instagram. Islamabad has several gastronomic options. Whether you’re seeking continental, Chinese or Pakistani, American, English, or Italian food, Islamabad’s restaurants may be found. The beautiful Lake View Park and the small yet exquisite village of Saidpur cannot help being loved by many people. Centaurus Mall and Safa Gold Mall are the best shopping spots in Islamabad.

Kalash Valley

Kalash valley Nestled in Chitral’s Hindu Kush mountains. The distinctive and unique Kalash tribe resides in these beautiful regions.

This is an excellent spot for experiencing the majestic majesty of the area, the wilderness, and the distinctive architecture of the homes.

Among the Kalasha Valleys, Bamburet is the most famous. However, if you want to see and feel the particular culture of Kalasha, visit Rumboor and Birir.

It is termed the liberal Kalash people the progeny of Alexander the Great’s army. Do not miss this annual celebration, named Chilam Joshi, if you arrive in May.


It is situated in the Hindu Kush highlands of Chitral. In these beautiful places lies the rare and unique Kalash tribe.

The beautiful site of this area, the wildness, and the particular architecture of the residences are beautiful places to live.

Bamburet is the most famous of the Kalasha Valleys. But if you want to see and experience Kalasha’s distinctive culture, then go to Rumboor and Birir.

The Liberal Kalash people are the descendants of the army of Alexander the Great. Do not miss this annual celebration, named Chilam Joshi, if you arrive in May.

In Karimabad, the principal retail mall of the valley, there are several hotels, restaurant rooms, and businesses. Try some excellent local food and buy some beautiful products in the shops before leaving.


Peshawar is a lovely city with a history reaching back to the Mughal Empire of the 17th century, located to the northwest of Islamabad. The historical attractions, retail bases, and gastronomy of this city are popular among travelers. Just walk along Peshawar streets and markets, and try the famous Charsi Tikka in Namak Mandi for lunch. Don’t miss the classic Dum pukht dish if you love lamb meat.

The ancient beauty of Peshawar has been retained. The Bala Hisar Fort and its fortresses still look at the motions on the famous GT Street. Built-in 1562, the fort was the royal residence of the Durrani dynasty in Afghanistan.

Peshawar Museum, Buddhist stupas, Khyber Pass and Jamrud Fort, are some of the other historical sites in Peshawar.

You can buy a lot of luxury items in Peshawar when it comes to shopping. This city has everything: the famous Afghan tapestries in Shuba Chowk, Namak Mandi gemstone, and Jehangir Pura Market Peshawari Chappals. Also, a shopping mall must visit the historic Qissa Khwani Bazaar.

Gojal Valley

Take the Karakoram Highway 20 kilometers north of Hunza, and the beautiful Valley of Gojal is a place for you. Gojal is the home of beautiful lakes, rough mountains, glaciers, and scenic hamlets bordering China’s province of Xinjiang.

You’ll reach the famous Attabad Lake in the village of Shishkat after driving through some mountain tunnels in the north. Amongst the rocky mountains is this lake which formed after part of the nearby mountain had fallen and blocked the stream of the river. This lake is famous for its blue waters and is a great place to take pictures of Instagram, jet skiing, and boating.

Next, on Karakoram Highway, is the scenic Gulmite village. Walk on the road to forget all your concerns or explore the green and lush village. An hour walk leads you to the old town of Ondra, from which you can enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the villages and famous Passo Cones.

The Husaini Bridge, Borith Lake, Batura Glacier, and Khunjerab National Park are several tourist destinations.

Naltar Valley, Gilgit

The Karakoram motorway from Gilgit City takes you to Naltar for approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes. This remote valley is known for its beauty and tranquility. Naltar is worth a stopover thanks to its snow-capped peaks, landscapes, lakes, and extensive forests.

Naltar Valley becomes a skiing mecca during the winter. The Pakistan Air Force operates the ski resort, which attracts thousands of skiers every year from worldwide.

Splendid lake scenes, wild dirt paths, and glacial rivers may be found on the Bashir Lakes. It’s a beautiful place to picnic. You may take a jeep trip to Pari Lake, a mountain lake where you can boat and walk around to explore the environment.


Lahore’s ancient city is renowned for its range of tourist attractions and activities, including historical monuments, retail areas, and gastronomy. Lahore offers countless choices for gourmets. However, you can experience all the famous cuisines on MM Alam Road at the famed Food Street.

Lahore Fort is a must-visit for anyone interested in history, art, and architecture. In the 11th century, the famous Ghazni Mahmoud erected the fort. Another comparable delight for travelers is a visit to the Badshahi Mosque. Take the famed Anarkali Bazaar and Freedom Market if you are a shopaholic.

Shalimar Gardens, Lahore Museum, Minar e Pakistan, and Wagah Border are sites to visit in Lahore.

Phandar Valley, Ghizer

The beautiful Phandar Valley is noted for its varied waterways. The sights and the atmosphere are spectacular. The first sight of the valley removes all your journey tiredness and stimulates you.

For fishing, camping, swimming, walking, and nature hikes, the Phandar Valley is a great location. Pandora Lake offers fascinating vistas with poplar trees on its shore. In the deep blue calm waters of this lake, you may have incredible boating adventures.

The weather in summer is usually lovely, the best time to explore the valley. The Phandar people are helpful and courteous. There are numerous hotels and inns in the valley.


Consider deep blue seas, the snowy mountains, lovely landscapes, and dunes. This is what you will see at Gwadar, Pakistan’s gorgeous harbor town in the region of Balochistan.

Watch Gwadar Port and get beautiful views of the pristine seas of the Arab Sea. If you don’t like it, walk over to the renowned Hammerhead – the rock pile produced by the explosion of a mud volcano.

It is easy for motorboats to reach the blue seas of Astola Island. You may go fishing or explore the waterways to observe Dolphins and Turtles if you’re not into diving.

You will undoubtedly be delighted by other attractive places like Omara Beach, The Baluchistan Sphinx, the Princess of Hope, Hingol National Park, etc.

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