• April 20, 2024
Path of Exile

5 Cheap PoE 3.22 Starter Builds – Path of Exile 3.22 Budget Build Guide

Starting Path of Exile’s 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors can be daunting, especially when it comes to choosing the right build. But fear not, for we have scoured the realms of Wraeclast to bring you five cheap yet powerful starter builds that will allow you to unleash your potential without breaking the bank. Next, let’s check the 5 best cheap PoE 3.22 builds for Trial of the Ancestors.

No. 1 Fire Trap Elementalist

Our first budget-friendly build is the Fire Trap Elementalist. This explosive build focuses on igniting enemies and watching them burn. With its impressive area of effect damage and strong clear speed, the Fire Trap Elementalist is an excellent choice for beginners looking to make a fiery entrance into the Trial of the Ancestors. 

No.2 Absolution Necromancer

Next up is the Absolution Necromancer, a summoner build that harnesses the power of the undead to obliterate foes. With a horde of minions at your command, you’ll be able to overwhelm enemies and conquer even the toughest encounters. This build offers a good balance between offense and defense, making it suitable for both solo play and group content. 

No. 3 Detonate Dead Ignite Elementalist

For those who enjoy explosive and satisfying gameplay, the Detonate Dead Ignite Elementalist is a perfect choice. This build focuses on triggering explosions that ignite enemies, causing them to burn in a fiery inferno. With its high damage potential and satisfying chain reactions, you’ll have a blast clearing through hordes of enemies. 

No. 4 Corrupting Fever Champion

If you prefer a more melee-oriented playstyle, the Corrupting Fever Champion is an excellent option. This build revolves around inflicting the Corrupting Fever debuff on enemies, causing them to take chaos damage over time. With its tanky nature and solid single-target damage, the Corrupting Fever Champion excels in boss encounters. 

No.5 Hexblast Mines Saboteur

Lastly, we have the Hexblast Mines Saboteur, a build that combines explosive trap mechanics with the cheap path of exile currency. This build encourages a strategic playstyle, as you lay down mines and detonate them to unleash devastating hex blasts upon your enemies. With its high burst damage and excellent clear speed, the Hexblast Mines Saboteur is a force to be reckoned with. 

Whether you prefer fiery explosions, summoning hordes of minions, triggering devastating chain reactions, corrupting foes with chaos damage, or strategically laying down explosive mines, there is a build that will suit your playstyle and budget. So, buy POE currency and let the Trial of the Ancestors begin!

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