• July 19, 2024

5 Interesting Facts About Shirdi You Have Never Heard Of

Shirdi is one of India’s most well-known pilgrimage towns in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. Famously termed as the “Land of Sai Baba”, the Shirdi town is renowned for its Sai temple and shrine. Also, according to ancient folklore and age-old stories, Sai Baba spent much of his life in this town and conducted miracles to aid individuals overcome their anguish and suffering.

Said to preach to his adherents under a neem tree, the traces of Sai Baba can still be found in the town. And it might not be wrong to say that Shirdi is the place that offers the perfect setting to experience spirituality and attain inner harmony. This town is the embodiment of deity and offers a vibrant cultural heritage that you can explore by reaching here via a Pune to Shirdi cab.

Five interesting facts about Shirdi town

Here are some fascinating facts about Shirdi that would leave you in amazement and compel you to visit this spiritual town at least once in your life.

1. The Secret Behind Sai Baba’s Feet

When some tourists learned about Sai Baba and his divine powers, they went to him asking permission to click his picture. While Sai Baba initially denied getting any photos, he later agreed to get a photo of his feet captured. One of the guests took advantage of this situation and captured his full-length portrait. However, when he later glimpsed the picture, it only contained Sai Baba’s feet.

2. Special trains for Sai devotees

Hundreds and thousands of Sai devotees travel from every part of India and the world to Shirdi town to seek his blessings. For this reason, Indian railways run special trains to Shirdi from different cities across India. So we can say that you can easily reach Sainagar Shirdi railway station from any corner of the country.

3. The story of Sai’s miracles

Sai Baba’s adherents and supporters have asserted that he has performed numerous miracles like levitating, mind reading, entering a state of samadhi at his wish, lightning of lamps with water, and healing the anonymous and incurable. Also, people strongly believe that Sai Baba saved countless individuals’ lives from a falling mosque disaster that could have killed numerous people.

4. Shirdi temple construction and ownership

Sai Baba Temple in Shirdi was built in the year 1922, almost four years after Sai Baba’s demise. Earlier, the temple and the shrine were privately held by Shrimant Gopalrao, a Nagpur millionaire and an ardent Sai Baba devotee. Hence upon Sai Baba’s death, Shrimant Gopalrao decided to construct a temple. However, the Shirdi temple comes under Government’s authority, managed and run by Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust. Also, you must know that Shirdi Sai Baba Temple is the second most prosperous temple globally after Tirupathi in Andhra Pradesh.

5. The famous neem tree has sweet leaves.

When Sai Baba arrived in Shirdi, he spent most of his time meditating under a neem tree, known as Gurusthan. According to ancient tales, whoever got a chance to taste a neem leaf dropped from the tree, would be surprised by its taste. Interestingly, the neem leaves from this holy tree taste bitter but sweet. Also, Sai’s disciples and followers believe that people who get a chance to consume this neem leaf have a wholesome life and suffer from no ailments.

Intrigued, right? We are sure you are! So why wait? Pack your bags, hire a car rental in Pune and get set to explore the divine Shirdi town!

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