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5 Serious Car Accident Injuries That Victims Should Claim For Compensation

Car accidents can be contagious and sometimes even cause the death of persons. That’s why the victim of car accidents should not take even smaller injuries for granted. A small blood clot inside the body caused during an accident can risk the victim’s life. Sometimes the car crashes only cause economic loss to the victim. But sometimes, the collision is so fast and huge that it causes a lot of personal injuries to both the victim and other passengers of the vehicle.

Car accidents cause damage to the body parts of the victim and leave a long-lasting impact on the mind. External injuries can be cured with medication and treatments, but it is very hard to get rid of traumas after a car accident. That’s why the victim should directly consult a doctor and start treating the injuries, whether physical or emotional. The victims of car accidents can also get legal assistance from a professional car accident attorney to claim rightful compensation for their physical, emotional, and financial damages from the perpetrators. Kansas City Car Accident Lawyers are well-experienced car accident lawyers who help the victim get their damages from the victimizer and deal with the insurance company.

5 Serious Car Accident injuries

A few life-threatening car accident injuries that the victims should not take lightly are given below.


Brain injuries

Car accidents can cause damages and injuries to any part of the body. The human brain is the most sensitive part of car crash injuries that can cause death. Sometimes, brain injuries are trivial and can be treated and cured by medication. But sometimes, the brain damages are so severe and intense that they paralyze the victim’s whole body. Traumatic brain injury is one kind of brain injury that occurs due to a powerful blow or pressure applied to the head. Traumatic brain injury can cause long-term disability of the victims

Spinal injuries

The spinal cord is another sensitive part of the human body that can be damaged during heavy car crashes. The spinal cord controls the movement of body parts. Thus damage to any part of the spinal cord can cause disability and abnormal movements. Severe damages to the spinal cord can also cause paralysis of the lower limbs and back.

Injuries from fuel burns

Backside or rear-end collision of cars can cause a fuel tank leak and cause excessive fire on the cars. Burns from fuel and gas leaks can cause severe body burn. Third-degree burns of the body of the victim can even cause death. At the same time, first and second-degree burns can be treated with medications. In severe burns of the external skin, plastic surgery is costly and causes huge economic loss. Thus the victim of a car accident caused by another person’s negligence should hire a lawyer to get their financial damages back from the victimizer. Kansas City Car Accident lawyers can provide legal assistance to the victims and help them gather shreds of evidence against the victimizer to make them guilty in the law court.

Internal injuries and internal bleeding

Injuries to the internal body parts are too dangerous and are most common in car crashes with trucks and trailers. Damage to the internal body organs such as kidneys, lungs, heart, stomach, liver can cause internal bleeding, which is very serious and can risk the victim’s life if not treated on time. Furthermore, open surgeries can only treat severe internal injuries, which costs a huge amount of money. Thus the victim and their families should hire a lawyer to compensate them.

Post-traumatic stress

Car accidents cause physical damage to the victim and cause mental and emotional traumas, which can also be serious. Post car accident stress happens after the car collision and remains for a long time. Some very basic symptoms of post-traumatic stress are anxiety, sleeplessness, insomnia, loss of appetite, depression, weight loss, lack of interest, and many more. Recovery from post-traumatic stress is difficult but not impossible. Consulting a professional psychological therapist can help the victim recover from post-traumatic stress symptoms.


Bottom line

Car accidents cause various injuries, such as bruises, gasoline burns, spinal damage, internal bleeding, bone fractures, and so on. People who have suffered physical, emotional, financial, and economic damages in car accidents must consult a car accident attorney. Only a professional and knowledgeable lawyer can help the victim to get their damages back from the victimizer without any threat. Kansas City Car Accident lawyers collect information from medical experts and deal with an insurance company to claim rightful compensation for the victims. Contact now (816) 793-8867 to get a free appointment with a Kansas City car accident attorney to get legal assistance.

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