• July 23, 2024
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5 Things to Know When Buying Real Estate in Topsail

Topsail is a beautiful and famous island with captivated locals and guests. The real estate on the island is a perfect place for buying a residential home, vacation home, or rentals. The island has served as a gateway for several decades. Topsail Island is known to have several commercial buildings, such as hotels and restaurants. 

There are also several mid-sized and small commercial homes on the island; the Topsail beach adds flavor to the lifestyle on the island.  Due to the island’s scenic beauty, many investors and realtors have drawn attention to Topsail Island real estate. Below are some things you need to know when buying real estate on Topsail island.

  1. The Location of Topsail Island

Topsail Island is a 41 kilometers barrier island off the coast of northern Carolina; it is almost the same distance as the barrier islands of the beaches of the cape fear region and the crystal coast. The island lies south of Jacksonville, north of Carolina and Camp Lejeune, and 25 miles northeast of Wilmington. The island is home to 3 seaside towns; the Topsail beach, the surf city, and the northeast Topsail beach.

  1. Topsail Island Real Estate Is Accessible to Big Cities

Since Topsail Island real estate is located off the mainland, it offers a great laid back to big cities of Wilmington, Jacksonville, and northern Carolina. The estate lies on a small island town with pristine beaches and a quiet atmosphere, a condition that makes it ideal for residence and a place to avoid the city’s unconducive atmosphere. The island is centrally located between two big cities of, Wilmington and Jacksonville, which makes it easily accessible.

  1. The Highland Is a Perfect Location for Vacation Homes

The location of Topsail Island and other recreation facilities such as the Topsail beaches make it an ideal island for vacations. As such, there is a high demand for vacation homes to host many visitors who come on holiday.

  1. Topsail Is the Best Island for Permanent Residence, Investing Properties, Or Retirement

Topsail Island is best known for hosting a variety of residents; where some are in search of their dream house to buy, while others just want to relocate and settle. Others find Topsail as an ideal place to retire. It is also suitable for investment properties due to the high demand from the residents and tourists who come on vacation.

  1. Topsail Has an Affordable Beachfront Living

When you compare the beachfront living in Topsail with other beachfront locations, the highland has the best quality of living; it is less crowded and is affordable. There are a variety of homes with different price ranges, which makes them affordable to many beachfront home buyers.


Topsail is an ideal place for buying real estate, the island’s suitable location makes it accessible to the big cities of Wilmington and Jacksonville. The scenic beauty and the quiet atmosphere of the highland make it the best place to rent vacation homes, buy permanent residences, and it is also a better place to invest in properties. Many also find Topsail as the best place to retire. The island offers the best and most affordable beachfront living.

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