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7 WA Road Rules Every Driver Must Know – Driving School Perth

Even though the government generates more than a billion dollars revenue off traffic-related fines, several road rules might not be enforced but could fall in trouble if they happen to break them. Every driver must learn the WA road rules to become a perfectionist.

Every state and territory in Australia has its own rules and regulations and manual driving lessons consequences for breaking them, making things tough for interstate travelers. Still, all these rules are covered by the Road Traffic Act (1961).

The WA Road Rules That Are Needed To Be Followed

One needs to follow several road rules in Australia to make sure they do not break the rules and drive in a safe, secure manner. Some of those rules that are needed to be followed are-

  1. Not to Speed up while being overtaken

One of the most enraging moves that a driver can make is speeding up the car when someone overtakes them, and this goes against the law for accelerating Driving Lessons Perth when being passed by another vehicle on a two-way road.

As per Regulation 145, the other driver should not enhance the speed at which a driver is driving until the previous driver has passed the other one; the first driver should have returned to the traffic line where the other driver is operating. There should be a sufficient distance between both the drivers.

  • Not to mix drinking and driving

A person should not have consumed alcohol in any form before going for a drive. It is against the rules to drink alcohol before or while driving a vehicle; the penalties are huge if found drinking and driving. Alcohol acts as a distraction while driving and numbs the senses, leading to fatal accidents.

A person needs to consider safety for himself and other people around him while driving a car. Consuming alcohol breaks the law of safe driving and puts the lives of pedestrians on the road at risk. Therefore, alcohol should be taken while driving a vehicle to maintain safety on the road.

  • Blowing the horn

As per Regulation 224 of the (ARR), one breaks the law if they blow the car horn unnecessarily. Even minor hello and goodbye horns are not by the law.

A driver should not use or be allowed to use a horn or other warning devices fitted to the vehicle unless it is necessary to warn other road drivers, pedestrians or animals of an approach or while positioning the vehicle. Unless the horn is fitted to an anti-theft device or an alcohol interlocking device, it should not be blown unnecessarily at times.

  • Driving on the left

An Australian driver needs to drive on the left side of two-way roads. If a driver Automatic Driving Lesson forgets this rule, they can be reminded by the passenger while turning at an intersection. People on the road need to use pedestrian crossings wherever possible and look to the right side, then the left and the right again when walking across the street.

Driving on the left side of a road avoids chances of collision and chances of accidents. If caught driving on the right, there might be fines imposed by the Australian police.

  • Not to use fog lights while in clear condition.

Regulation 217 states that operating the front or rear fog lights is an offence unless ‘”the driver is experiencing foggy weather or the weather conditions are dangerous”. As per this rule, a front fog light is used to improve visibility that is otherwise not needed in clear weather, while the rear fog light is fitted to the rear end of a vehicle to make the car visible to other drivers.

  • Using seat belts

A driver and the passengers in a vehicle always need to wear a seatbelt, even children who cannot drive need a seatbelt. Driving conditions include when a vehicle is moving or stopped due to traffic, but not while parked. Seat Belt rules do not apply to a motorcycle or a bus.

Adults and children who are seven years or older need to wear a seatbelt that fits perfectly. Wearing a seatbelt can save lives; wearing a properly fastened seat belt reduces the risk of injury or death due to a car crash.

It should be checked that the seatbelts are not loose or damaged. A seat belt needs to be worn with the buckle going low on the hip, the sash running from the shoulder to the chest and fitted above the stomach.

  • Avoiding the use of mobile phones

With the increasing number of mobile phone user phones in Australia and the additions of vehicle communication systems, there has been an increase in road accidents due to distracted driving.

Various studies have shown that Driving School Perth hand-held and hands-free mobile phones have caused major distractions for drivers and increased the risk of traffic accidents, including fatal car crashes.

There are several reasons why a mobile phone should not be used while driving, they are-

  • The drivers become disoriented and are not aware of road conditions
  • They suffer a disrupted reaction time, taking a long time to break and exercise information
  • The drivers may not be capable of managing proper lane positions or driving at a safe speed.
  • They are more prone to entering dangerous gaps while in traffic
  • They often tailgate the vehicle that is in front
  • Driving using a phone makes a person more stressed (work-related) or discouraged.

These are why drivers using a mobile phone are three times more likely to be involved in a crash. The risk while driving applies to both hand-held and hands-free devices, as the attention becomes divided while doing two work simultaneously. Some laws impose fines for people using phones while driving vehicles unless it’s an urgent requirement in Australia.

Enrol In A Driving School

If a person wants to know the various road rules in Australia before learning how to drive, they should enroll in a driving school. They could search for ‘Driving Lessons near me‘ and register themselves at a driving school Perth. They would learn how to drive and be familiar with several traffic rules that apply for safe driving.

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