• June 19, 2024

Beautiful ideas for painting clouds and sky

There is something so relaxing about creating a beautiful cloud or painting the sky. This sky and cloud painting ideas are perfect for anyone looking for inspiration for their next image. I share several beautiful sky paintings such as sunsets, clouds, sunrise paintings, landscape drawing, the night sky, and more. You will also find oil painting ideas, watercolor painting ideas, gouache painting ideas, and acrylic painting ideas. The artists I include are very talented. If you enjoy your work, be sure to click on their social media accounts for more information. Whenever possible, consider supporting the artist on other platforms or by purchasing their work.


Whenever you do watercolors, it is essential to use watercolor paper. Watercolor paper is heavier and absorbs moisture well. It won’t tear or take pills.


As a watercolor artist, she has the right tools to create a wide variety in your business. Using classy devices and supplies is a great way to guarantee that your completed job has the best possible results. You don’t still have to give a lot of business. You can buy quality paper, brushes, and paints at a reasonable price.


When you start with watercolor, you may feel like you need a wide variety of brushes. Some types of brushes will give you different results. To get started, we recommend holding the following meetings:

  • A cleaning brush
  • A round brush
  • A flat brush
  • A mop brush
  • An eyeliner brush
  • A fan brush

If you own these seven types of brushes, you’ll be off to a good start.


When mixing paint, it’s good to add more coloring than you think you need. If you run out of color, it won’t be easy to get the exact shade you were using previously.


As you work on your paintings, it will be helpful to have some paper napkins on hand. You can use them to clean and scrub the brush. You can also use paper towels to dry the paper as you work.


If you need clean corners on your plan, use masking rope to raise your painting. It is essential to guarantee a tight seal on the video so that the paint does not penetrate and ruin the clean edge.

I hope you were able to find inspiration by looking at these unique cloud and sky paintings. You will like my post 15 Easy Ideas for Painting Watercolor Flowers and Trees for more painting inspiration.

Beautiful ideas for painting butterflies in watercolor

These watercolor butterfly painting ideas are just beautiful. Now that spring has arrived, I find myself wanting to paint objects from nature, such as butterflies, flowers, and birds. I love using natural objects for my pictorial references; however, using images or drawing inspiration from visual references can also be a great inspiration when this is not possible.

Monarch butterfly

If you love the monarch butterfly, you will love this simple watercolor painting of this beautiful butterfly. It is an excellent reference for butterfly painting. Here is a close-up photo of a butterfly wing. You can view a full video to cover this butterfly from the Blushed plan. I love the gold lines that have been added to this painting. Be sure to visit the artist to see more pictures. This painting is enjoyable and colorful. I think this would look great framed and hung on the wall.

Emerald butterfly

I love the colors that have been chosen for this painting. In case you were wondering, this is a painting of a giant emerald butterfly. This painting is incredibly , and I love adding the floral tree to the background. I love the color palette that was chosen for this painting. A portrait like this would present a great relief. This butterfly picture is so original and different. This butterfly would also look great using different colors. I love how the butterfly seems to be standing on the flower. Check out Kateryna Savchenko for a video of the painting is done.

Butterfly watercolor

What a beautiful watercolor of butterflies. I love the different ways of this designer. It is the painting I shared above, but without the floral background. Once again, I find this to be such an impressive painting. These butterflies are so creative and stylish. I love the artistic style used in this painting. Here’s a great tutorial that shows you how to draw and paint your simple butterfly quickly. If you are studying for a plain butterfly source, you will love this art that shows a butterfly from various aspects.

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