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Blue World City Development Updates

Blue World City Development Updates | 2022

The Blue World City is by far the most exquisite pearl ever created by a real estate developer. It’s a futuristic housing society near Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The New Islamabad International Airport is located along the M-2 motorway on the right side of Blue World City. For investors, it is a source of pride, and for clients, it is a haven. Blue World City undoubtedly gets the top spot for the best real estate investments for 2019-2020. The developers of Blue World City have made it their utmost duty to carry out the development work in a rapid manner. Here are the development updates of Blue World City 2021:

Development Updates 2022

Blue World City is expanding at a rapid rate. In such a short time, the housing project has done a tremendous lot in construction and development. The Awami Villas, also known as Serene Villas, is one of Blue World City’s newest developments that we’ve been keeping an eye on. According to the Blue Group of Companies, the Awami Villas are under-built in terms of real estate quality. As a result, it hopes to provide Blue World City investors a higher standard of living and a secure investment option.

Gates 2 and 3 are currently under construction and close to completion, with all their towers up and running. Blue World City’s Gate No. 2 connects Access Avenue to the Hollywood block, while Gate No. 3 connects Blue World City to Beverly Gardens Phase 1 & 2, another fantastic planned Blue World City project.

The development of horse mascots is well underway, with the second Mascot construction nearly completed and ready for installation.

Road development, The Norther Avenue, and important roadways, in general, are being developed at a quick rate. The road network of Blue World City is remarkable, with large highways and no main routes that are less than 208 feet wide. The roadways are 40 feet wide and have an underground power and drainage system.

The General Block streets are also making some progress. The roadways have also been paved with asphalt. The development of overhead and subsurface water tanks is nearly complete, and these two water tanks will provide ample water resources for the entire general block. A new piece of land is being developed at Blue World City, and it will be connected to the existing development in General Block. The fast-paced development work of Blue World City sets it apart from other housing societies. Without a doubt, it is a massive housing project.

At Blue World City, plots of various sizes are regularly purchased and added to a massive housing plan. It is a one-of-a-kind housing development in Rawalpindi that features exquisite tourist attractions from around the world. There has been discussion over the total size of Blue World City and how large it is; nonetheless, considering the rate at which buyers are purchasing plots, Blue World City will undoubtedly surpass Pakistan’s top housing societies.

Furthermore, real estate professionals foresee a price growth in Blue World City as the Rawalpindi Ring Road develops. Several of the Blue World housing society’s entrances are expected to be directly in front of the planned Rawalpindi Ring Road, greatly boosting the housing society’s and its exterior characteristics’ worth. In addition, it will allow the entire city to enjoy easy access to the community.


Future development plans for Blue World City are certainly moving forward quickly. As a result, it will only be a matter of time before the society, complete with luxury amenities, is fully developed. For further information, continue to check back with Sigma .

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