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Car Accident

Car Accident Lawyers FAQs

Whenever one gets into a car accident; the main concern is usually on treatment and compensation for both the driver and passengers if any and the vehicle too. The answers to these questions squarely lie on the insurance company and the response on the compensation depends on how the insurance company takes up the matter. Following up with an insurance company can be hectic and requires a lot of legal advice from car accident lawyers since they understand and interpret the law better than a layman. This article aims at stating some of the most frequently asked questions about car lawyers and their answers.

Q:  Is it compulsory to have a car accident lawyer once involved in a car accident?

A: It depends on whether you sustained injuries or not in the accident. If you did not suffer an injury, you may settle your claim with the insurance company without legal help. On the other hand, if you or the passengers suffered an injury, the claiming process becomes complicated. However, as the victim, you have the right to be compensated due to the pain, trauma, injuries, and cost incurred as a result of the accident.

You will need representation by an accident lawyer; research shows that your chances to be compensated will rise if a lawyer is involved in your case. Visit a law firm’s website for information in case you are not yet convinced of the accident lawyer’s need.

Q: How much will an accident lawyer cost me?

A: The fee charged by accident lawyers is a percentage of what they manage to recover for you from the insurance company. The good thing about accident lawyers is the fact that they are only paid if they win the case; no down payments whatsoever as the case is ongoing.

This will give the victim a chance to choose the best lawyer in the field without worrying about how to pay them since they are paid from the amount redeemed. The normal rate is 35% of the collected money without demands to pay any amount upfront.

Q: What should I look for in an accident Lawyer?

A: Not every accident lawyer will serve you well since such have different levels of expertise and successful track record. Look out for a lawyer who specializes in this area and has a successful track record in handling personal injury cases. Car accident laws know how to approach and handle the case by identifying the responsible person for the accident, seeking evidence, and effectively negotiating with the insurance on your behalf.

Be sure to choose a lawyer who will ensure you get the best compensation from even the most stubborn insurance companies. This can only be achieved by a lawyer who has enough experience in handling similar cases. Finally, settle on a compassionate lawyer who will walk with you through your motions and emotions especially if you are still recovering from injuries, depression, and trauma from the accident.

Q: How will the accident lawyer help me in my case?

A: your accident lawyer has the responsibility of guiding, advising, and clarifying anything you may need to be clarified about the case. Your accident lawyer will explain every aspect of your case. They will also advise you to keep up with the medication and avoid commenting on the case anywhere, especially on social media.

This is important since it helps you protect your claim compensation by avoiding any type of disclosure. Your accident lawyer will also give a list of information you need to provide to him when building and preparing the case.

Q: Do I need an accident lawyer I can trust?

A: Yes! Remember you will be required to be honest while sharing any information with your accident lawyer. Some of the information is very personal like sharing the extent of your injuries, and the nature and cost of the treatment you are getting which is very personal.

If after one or two sitting you feel you are comfortable with the accident lawyer, please do not proceed with them. Sharing personal information makes one vulnerable and one needs an accident lawyer one can trust.

Q: Does the location of the accident lawyer matter?

A: The location of the law offices of your accident lawyer matters! There are so many consulting sessions you will have with your lawyer and so you will not have to spend a lot on fuel and time to see your accident lawyer. A close office is convenient since one can book meetings with them even on short notice.

The lawyer should also be located in a place with good internet connectivity and a mobile phone network so that he can respond to any inquiries promptly and pick up calls too promptly.

Q: What is the information needed by an accident lawyer in my case?

A: Your accident lawyer will need information on the date and time of the accident, a detailed description of the accident scene, the nature of the accident, and police details. Your accident lawyer will also need to know if you committed a fault in the accident and a vivid description of the injuries incurred.

In addition, your accident lawyer will ask for treatment documents and insurance claim details. Your lawyer may also ask to interview some of the witnesses at the accident scene through a private investigation and also talk to your caregivers at home if need be.


There could be countless questions to be asked about an accident lawyer; this article has answered the most critical ones. Settling on a good accident lawyer requires enough prior information to minimize mistakes when settling for one. A good choice will guarantee success in the case and expedited claim settlement. An accident lawyer comes in so that you are not swindled by your insurance company for lack of knowledge. The lawyer will work hard too to ensure success in the case since this would determine whether they are paid or not. They will also work towards getting the best out of the case making this a win-win situation.

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