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Career Options After 12th Commerce

After passing the 12th board examination, pursuing a good degree course is a choice or a decision that somehow decides the student’s career. Regardless of the science, commerce, arts, or other education fields, the course post completion of 12th grade would determine the range of career. 

People who generally take up commerce in the 11th standard think that just a few limited fields can be taken up as a degree program in commerce. The most common commerce degree programs are marketing, management, banking, finance, accounting, and business administration.

Therefore, this article will talk about the courses and degree programs that can be pursued after 12th commerce. So, let’s look at the Career Options After 12th Commerce.

Career Options After 12th Commerce

1. B.Com

It is a three-year UG program designed to provide students with managerial abilities and knowledge in a specific business field while covering a wide range of topics in business and economics. BCom will get a basic understanding of the fundamentals of business.

Class 12 degree is required for admission to the BCom program. When it comes to business degrees, the most sought-after and most popular is the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom). Taxation, economics, accounting, and more are included in the BCom curriculum.

2. Chartered Accountant

If you’re studying business, you may want to consider pursuing a career as a CA (Chartered Accountant). It is the job of a chartered accountant to manage finances and conduct financial audits. Chartered accountants might operate alone or as part of an organization’s accounting department.

A Chartered Accountant is a critical resource in various financial situations, including lawsuits, bankruptcies, and divorce settlements. A CA do audits, cost management, cost accounting, tax dealings, and business consulting. However, this is a professional development course, not a diploma program.

3. Bachelor of Economics

After high school, students interested in the economy and market have the option of pursuing a Bachelor of Economics degree. You will learn about the various economic theories, policies, methods of analysis, and programs by taking this course. This course will be for you interested in how an economy works efficiently.

Economic knowledge is an asset to pursue an Indian Administrative Services (IAS) career.

4. Bachelor of Accounting and Finance

Accounting and finance majors can earn a Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (BAF) degree. This three-year program teaches in-depth skills in financial evaluation and accounting principles and the theory behind them. It is recommended that those who want to work in the financial sector take the course. Only those students who have passed the 10+2 exam or its equivalent from an accredited school can apply.

5. Bachelor of Business Administration

After graduating from high school, many students decide to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business administration (BBA). Students in this three-year program learn about the fundamentals of business and how to run a business. Students are taught the fundamentals of business from the start, and they learn how corporations operate and the laws that govern them. As a result, this option is the best fit for undergrads who have already decided to join or run their businesses and want to learn all relevant expertise and skills right away.

6. Company Secretary

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India administers the CS or Company Secretary certification, unlike the CA certification (ICSI). Students are drawn to law courses that are more theoretical pick this program as a career path. Following 12th commerce, this is among the greatest options for a post-secondary education.

As with the CA course, each level of the CS Professional Program will have to be passed before a candidate may be awarded the degree. After taking this course, students will have a thorough knowledge of business contracts and legal agreements. Senior positions in corporations will be attained due to completing this program. This is among the most enticing options for those interested in business.


For most young people this age, joining the civil service is a dream job. IAS officer, or Indian Administrative Services, is one of the highest rank jobs in the country. Students of any degree can take this exam.

UPSC’s IAS exam presents several doors of opportunity for people who are unsure about their finest job alternatives after completing their 12th Commerce. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to pass a Civil Services examination. UPSC CSE exam can be a good career choice for those who aspire to serve the nation.

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