• June 19, 2024

Culinary Tour in Kendari, Made of Unique Spices

One of the reasons people visit a place is because they want to try culinary tourism there. In the capital city of Southeast Sulawesi, there are many delicious culinary delights. Foreign tourists ask even about the spices, such as what lengkuas in English, because of their unique taste.

The following are some of the original culinary choices of Southeast Sulawesi that you need to include in your hunting list for culinary tours while you are there.

Culinary Tourism in Kendari

If you go to Southeast Sulawesi, it will not be complete without trying the following five culinary delights. Some are made from natural spices and also desserts with an authentic taste.


The name boiku is taken from the name of the rice field shell in the local language. It is the size of an adult’s little finger with a distinctive black color. The clam processing uses all kinds of spices but without coconut milk. Spices such as turmeric, onion, candlenut, garlic, and lengkuas are mashed and then saute until fragrant. The scallops will be put in and boiled with a bit of water along with the scallions. Enjoy it with rice, salted fish, spinach, and chili sauce for spicy lovers.

Marlin Fish Shredded

This shredded fish is made from marlin fish found in several Southeast Sulawesi areas and processed with spices, including lengkuas and onions. Suitable and eaten as an additional side dish with white rice, but some like it as a snack. Currently, shredded marlin fish are found in various area gift shops.


The main ingredient is mackerel, which is mashed, then spiced and fried with grated coconut. Usually, it is an additional dish served with sate gogos and other main menus.


If you have ever tried Papuan Papeda, you will be familiar with Sinonggi. The ingredients are the same, and the method is also relatively the same, is the essence of the sago tree, which is cooked to look like glue. Served as a substitute for rice with other side dishes, it can be meat or fish according to taste. Unfortunately, nowadays it is challenging to find this dish. If you are lucky, you can try it during a formal event.

Gogos Pokea Satay

If satay usually uses beef or chicken, it differs from this type of Kendari dish. The main essential ingredients are clams, which are boiled with special spices and then burned and given gravy when eaten.

Various Snacks

Some delicious snacks can be found in the Southeast Sulawesi region, guaranteed to be delicious and addictive. Among them are chips made from ground cashew nuts combined with unique spices. There is also bagea cake that usually eaten with tea or coffee in the afternoon. The texture of this cake is made from sago flour which is very hard on the outside, but once you bite it, it immediately melts in your mouth.

It’s incomplete if you don’t try culinary tourism in the Southeast Sulawesi area. Choose which one you want to try or try them all!

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