• May 21, 2024

Discover the Enchanting ILikeComox: Your Ultimate Guide to Paradise in 2024

An Introduction to ILikeComox

Alright, let’s dive deeper into the Comox Valley magic. ILikeComox, your local insiders’ club since 2016, is not just a guide; it’s the key to unlocking the hidden abundance of Vancouver Island’s Comox Valley. Picture this – a bunch of passionate locals deciding to spill their secrets to make your visit extraordinary.

The Lay of the Land

A captivating aerial view of the landscape, highlighting the diverse features and patterns of the terrain.
Discovering the intricate beauty of the landscape from above, where nature weaves its unique tapestry.

Now, let’s get our bearings straight in this outdoor wonderland. Comox the gorge stretches like a canvas from coastal beaches in Royston and Union Bay to the alpine peaks of Forbidden Plateau. Cities like Comox, Courtenay, and Cumberland, brimming with about 60,000 friendly folks, are enveloped by beaches, mountains, rivers, lakes, farms, and forests. It’s not just a valley; it’s a concert of cosmos.

Things to Do

Hold onto your hat, adventure-seekers! Comox Valley is your playground. Beachcombing along miles of coastline, hiking through old-growth forests, paddling the amicable Punt ledge and Oyster rivers, skiing on Mount Washington, and exploring farm gate stands, wineries, and craft breweries. Adorning events? You bet! The Feldberg Festival, Island Summer Games, and Vancouver Island Music Fest are just a taste of what’s in store.

Places to Stay

A comfortable and inviting bedroom in a picturesque accommodation, perfect for a relaxing stay in beautiful surroundings
Discover the charm of our accommodations – your home away from home awaits in serene locations.

Need a place to rest your adventurous soul? Comox has it all – resorts, hotels, motels, B&Bs, campgrounds, cabins, and vacation rentals. The Kingfisher Spa and Resort, Crown Isle Resort, and Beach Club Resort offer luxury, while unique stays like the Dancing Bear Inn or Le Vieux Comox add a touch of character. With over 60 RV parks and campgrounds, you can choose your own scenic setting.

Why People Love Living in Comox, BC

Alright, let’s break the love affair with Comox Valley. It’s not just about the beautiful scenery – nestled between the Beaufort hills and the Strait of Georgia – it’s the apprehension. The people here are glorious, loving, artsy events are in riches, and there’s a real sense of community. Plus, the lower cost of living and the breezy pace of life make it a haven for families.

Top Things to Do in Comox

Now, let’s plan your Comox itinerary with the top-notch activities:

Explore the Filberg Heritage Lodge & Park

Discover the charm of Filberg Heritage Lodge & Park, surrounded by lush greenery and historic architecture.
Immerse yourself in the beauty of Filberg Heritage Lodge & Park, where nature and history harmoniously come together.


Envision riding 64 beachfront gobs as you ride through a coastal jungle. That’s the Filberg Heritage Lodge, a historic estate with views of the bay, charming gardens, and a log house from the 1930s. You’ll adore it; it’s like walking into another era.

Go Paddling on the Bay

Kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding enthusiasts, rejoice! Comox is surrounded by islands perfect for your aquatic adventures. Rent equipment from local shops and get ready to spot seals, otters, herons, and more while gliding on the calm waters of Comox Bay.

Hit the Beach

A vibrant seaside scene inviting you to 'Hit the Beach,' with golden sands, turquoise waters, and a clear blue sky
Embrace the sun-soaked joy of a perfect beach day – where golden sands meet the soothing rhythm of turquoise waves.


With over 60 miles of coastline, Comox has beaches for days. From beachcombing at Miracle Beach Provincial Park to kiteboarding at Goose Spit Park, you won’t run out of sandy options. Visit Hallowell Provincial Park or Kin Beach’s tide pools during low tide. Make a picnic out of it and pack it!

Check Out the Courtenay & District Museum

This one’s for you, history addict! Housed in a historic church constructed in 1912, the Courtenay & District Museum showcases the logical and cultural legacy of the Comox Valley. View displays that describe life for First Nations peoples before European settlers arrived. Pro tip: it’s well worth the donation that gets you in.

Embark on a Maritime Exploration

Indulge in an aquatic odyssey, if you will! A myriad of cetaceans, encompassing humpback whales, gray leviathans, and orcas, grace the aqueous realms encircling the Vancouver peninsula. For a singular, unparalleled encounter, partake in a nautical sojourn departing from Comox, precisely timed during the optimal seasonal interval for observing these colossal marine creatures, spanning from the vernal equinox to the autumnal solstice.

ILikeComox: Spreading Positivity About Comox Online

Let’s talk about ILikeComox, your online cheerleader for all things Comox Valley.

Sharing the Beauty of Comox

Prepare to be visually intoxicated! ILikeComox uses stunning photography and short video clips to showcase the natural beauty in and around Comox. From ocean sunrises and mountain vistas to lush forest trails, their social media feeds are an invitation to explore.

Promoting Local Businesses

Supporting local businesses: A diverse array of shops and services in the community, emphasizing the importance of shopping locally.
Discover the charm of local businesses! 🛍️ Showcasing a variety of shops and services.


ILikeComox isn’t just about pretty pictures; it’s also about community support. They passionately feature Comox Valley’s local shops, restaurants, events, and businesses on their social media platforms. Looking to buy local or discover hidden gems? ILikeComox is your virtual guide.

Bringing the Community Together

ILikeComox isn’t just a virtual entity; it’s a community builder. By promoting local fundraisers, events, and activities, ILikeComox encourages people to get out and participate. Beach cleanup, art festival, charity drive – they’ve got the scoop, and they want you there.

How You Can Get Involved With ILikeComox

Feeling the Comox Valley love? Here’s how you can join the ILikeComox movement:

Volunteer Your Time

ILikeComox hosts various community events throughout the year, and they need your help! Beach cleanups, fundraisers, festivals – check IlikeComox.ca/events for upcoming opportunities and be part of the positive change.

Become a Member

Level up your Comox experience by becoming a member of ILikeComox. Enjoy absolute event 

encouragement, discounts at select provincial businesses, and a newsletter that keeps you in the loop on ILikeComox’s initiatives and the latest happenings in the Comox Valley.


If time is not on your side but you still want to contribute, consider making a tax-deductible donation. Every amount, big or small, goes towards essential programs like tourism marketing, grants for local events, and community enhancement projects.


Alright, experience seekers and culture enthusiasts, we’ve covered all of Comox Valley. This is an invitation to paradise, not merely a tour. Comox Valley offers it all: clean air, breathtaking scenery, and hospitable residents. Pack your bags, hop on that flight, and let the magic of Comox welcome you with open equipment.



What makes Comox Valley unique?

The Comox Valley offers a unique fusion of culture, community, and environment. It’s an experience that will wow you, not merely a place to go.

How can I support ILikeComox’s initiatives?

Easy peas! Volunteer, become a member, donate, or simply hit that follow button. ILikeComox welcomes everyone to be part of the positive change in the community.

What are some must-visit places in Comox?

Prepare your checklist! Filbert Heritage Lodge, kayaking on Comox Bay, Miracle Beach Provincial Park – these are just a few gems waiting for you.

What types of accommodations are available in Comox?

Comox caters to all tastes and budgets. Whether you prefer luxury resorts like the Kingfisher Spa and Resort or quirky inns like the Dancing Bear Inn, the choices are as diverse as the landscape.

Why do people love living in Comox Valley?

It’s the way of life, not just the enclosures. Comox Valley life is a fantasy, with year-round activities, beautiful scenery, a sense of community, and a culinary scene that is a feast for the senses.

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