• July 19, 2024

Don’t let Frugality dictate your 2024

Society and the economy are cyclical. Nothing continues on an identical path indefinitely. The world economy is not doing well this year, and with conflicts erupting, our food supply being threatened, and other issues impacting the stock market in particular.


Due to the sticky nature of their precious metals industry, dealers of gold and silver bullion will not cut prices until they are forced to do so.


What then is the greatest strategy to lessen the likelihood that our recession and depression would be brought on by forced frugality?

It is important to distinguish between self-sufficiency and autonomy by concentrating on the following:

  • Reducing your vulnerability to risks brought about by de-financialization, de-nationalization, instability, and buy silver bullion Adelaide ;


  • Assuming control over your resources and assets instead of exposing them to the excesses and mistakes of asset managers, the Federal Reserve, politicians, etc.


By assuming ownership of our abilities, resources, and assets, we assume accountability for their management and the need to reduce the likelihood that our assets would be harmed by uncontrollable circumstances.


The fundamentals of reducing risk are straightforward:

  • Less demands, demands, obligations, and expenses: If you don’t need much, it will be simpler to acquire enough of anything.
  • Pay off debt: While there are many unknowns around our net income, debt repayments are a given. Being debt-free increases our chances of avoiding negative events.
  • Establish strategies to address far more serious issues and crises than the general public believes are feasible.


Don’t depend on speculative gains to give you stability and money; they move around quickly.


The fundamental tactic for lowering risk is asset diversification. Since the wealthiest 10% of people possess the majority of financial assets, “diversification” in the context of investing refers to spreading a sizable nest egg of wealth across traditional “boxes” such as real estate, dividend-paying equities, or gold bullion.


There are two issues with this strategy:


Not every family possesses a substantial amount of money that can be divided among passive assets.


In the event of a financial or economic crisis, authorities may interfere with any of these passive asset types. Rent control may place restrictions on rental real estate, and restrictions may be imposed on precious metals, stocks, and heavy taxes or expropriation.


The responses of authorities are virtually limitless, and their eagerness to maintain the status quo by any means necessary will never let up.


Numerous solutions are both legitimate and tried-and-true. For example, there is no restriction on “special taxes” such as a “windfall tax” on income and capital gains when you buy silver bullion Adelaide. Well-known domains allow local governments to take property by force, and if property values collapse, the “fair value” that was paid for the property may be very little.


Not every asset produces revenue that we have any real influence over. Unlike other assets, gold does not yield earnings or dividends.


Optimizing our lives for 0% debt, direct ownership over our assets, and being valuable contributors to networks of reliable, productive individuals would reduce our exposure to risk and boost our security at a time when hazards are increasing and difficult to evaluate.

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