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Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh’s Best Short Treks

Himachal Pardesh Best Short Tricks:

Kheerganga Trek

Length: 2 days

Challenge: Easy

High: 13,050 ft.

Start and finish: Via Kasol Barshaini village

In the lovely paradise of the Parvati Valley, Kheerganga is among the most popular routes from Kasol. Kheerganga and the route that leads to it has an incredible natural beauty, in essence, a place of spirituality. 

Barshaini may be reached by bus or taxi from Kasol or Manikaran or directly from the Bhuntar airport, whichever fits best. It’s an easy walk upwards from 11-12 kilometres from there. 

Even with brief rest periods in the centre of several local coffee bars with colourful roofs that point the way, it may be reached within 5-6 hours comfortably.

The tiny Nakthan hamlet and Shiva temple will be crossed by you on your route at the Rudranag Temple. You can stop either up or down. 

You can stop at them. You will also find lush green fields, interrupted by rough cliffs, with bubbling hot springs. 

At the Kheerganga peak, there is the Parvati Kund nature pool, a natural hot water pool where trekkers may soak in and recuperate after a tiresome trip. 

Place a camp at Kheerganga and enjoy the starry evening. Return to Barshaini the next day and catch the coach to Kasol.



Beas Kund Trek

Length: 3 days

Challenge: Moderate

Starting and ending point: Solang Nallah

Beas Kund is a beautiful glacial green lake that comes from the Beas River. It is thought to be the bathhouse of the Sage Veda Vyas as the Hindu Mahabharata was pondered and written.

Starting with Solang Nallah you begin the Beas Kund walk amid the fascinating grasslands, full of flowering wild flowers and grassy livestock. On the lush hills near the banks of Beas is the first day camping in Dhundi.

The next day, go through the Deodar woods of ancient ages, pine and maple. With the exception of rare cicadas, the quiet amid the woods is fascinating. 

The trees fade as you near the lake, making way for uncut mountain rocks and patches of snow.

The lake itself, with its bright blooms blossoming in the pastures, has a lovely dazzling blue body. You will be accompanied on your trip up by views from highlights such as Hanuman Tibba, Seven Sisters and Friendship Peak. 

Following the grandeur of the peak, continue walking over rocks and rocks to Bakarthach for another 4-5 hours, then return to Dhundi. Walk down to Solang Nallah the next day to finish your journey.

Patalsu Trek

Length: 4 days.

Challenge: Moderate

Start and finish: Solang Valley, Manali. 

Altitude: 13 846 feet

Patalsu Peak hike starts at Solang Nallah near the lovely city of Manalí, like many spectacular from Himachal Pradesh. The track leads through wide alpine pastures, narrow ridges, moraines and finally into deep oak and pine woods, before reaching 4,250m high Mount Patalsu. 

On your trip, you may expect a fascinating experience of observing birds and spot species like monks and pheasants.

Driving from Manali to the Valley of Solang 14 km distant and walking to Solang Village will take you on the first day. 

You will be camping the second night the day following on to the lovely open meadow of Shagadugh. 

Begin your trip early in the morning on the third day and reach the fascinating peak of Patalsu in the afternoon. 

A panoramic view from the summit of the valley of Kullu and the peaks of Hanuman Tibba and Friendship over others. 

Return to Shagadugh to camp the night and take the next day through Solang to Manali. The hike is modest and every day lasts 4 to 5 hours, but the experience is worthwhile. 



Kareri Lake Trek

Length: 3 days

Challenge: Moderate

High: 9,650 ft.

Beginning and endpoint: Dharamshala

All you need to accomplish is complete a long weekend in the Himachal Pradesh district of Kangra. You need to reach the beautiful village of Dharamshala on this trip to the Kareri glacier lake, produced by the water rivers blowing down from Minkiani Peak. 

You will trek from here to Kareri Village around 25 km and then Liyoti Village for 6 km in the middle of the native Gaddi Tribe for the night. 

The next day, hike in the oak, pine and rhododendron woodland, and ascend steeply along the rivers of Kareri Nallah and Nyund Nallah to the camping of the hamlet of Reoti.

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A From there it takes you to the Kareri mountain lake in Minkiani Pass with a few alpine farms and wooden bridges via the Rivulets. It stands like a motionless mirror glass in complete nothingness reflecting Nature’s splendour.

Take a look at the old Shiva Temple standing as a protector on the top of the pit that overlooks the lake. After a night in the tent, return to the village of Kareri the next day and return to the Dharamshala.

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