• June 19, 2024

How Beneficial is Cross-platform Mobile App?

There are thousands of mobile apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store that users all over the world download and use on various devices. However, only a few apps have become popular that everybody loves using. The important question is why some apps become so popular while the rest of them just lag behind.

Although there are many reasons behind this, one of the most important reasons is the ability of a particular app to run on different devices. In another way, it’s the compatibility factor of a mobile app across multiple platforms. In this article, we will try to find out the benefits of cross-platform mobile apps.

How do you define a great app?

In short, an app is considered exceptionally good if it adds value to our day-to-day life and which also performs as per our expectations. Therefore, if a social media app not only helps you to make contacts, but goes much deeper and finds friends, business associates, jobs, and dating partners for you, it’s undoubtedly a great app.

These days, mobility is the key factor for every application and digital product. Even companies are now focusing on a to remain ahead of their competitors. They are making an effort to connect to a larger audience through an intelligent app that runs seamlessly on multiple mobile platforms.

However, with devices being so different from each other, most companies have no idea about whether to go for a cross-platform app or a native app. One thing that has always been a big challenge for developers is to find the best development approach as there are positives as well as negatives in both approaches.

Currently, the mobile marketplace is widely divided because there are different devices having a variety of languages, interfaces, and SDKs. It’s a tough job for companies to develop an app that runs successfully on multiple platforms. Hence, the idea of a cross-platform mobile app is fast becoming popular among users by making developers’ jobs easier. They only need to do the coding once and launch the app across various platforms.

Which is a better app – native or cross-platform?

Interestingly, there are some developers who are fond of native apps while others think cross-platform apps are a better option. However, the fact remains that developing a cross-platform app is more beneficial to reach the larger market.

Developers working on a multi-platform app can easily create an application using a single language for scripting different programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Moreover, it also makes them more productive and motivates them to come up with a versatile app that works equally well across multiple platforms.

Benefits of developing a cross-platform mobile app?

Reusable code

Cross-platform mobile apps make maintenance and deployment of codes simpler and it also gets rid of repetitive tasks. Instead of writing a new code for a specific function, developers are free to reuse the codes for other platforms.

Cost saver

When it comes to cost, it is more affordable for companies to develop a cross-platform mobile app and use a single codebase. They are not supposed to invest a large amount to get an app and even developers can become more productive by simultaneously working on various platforms. This is a far better working model than having a dedicated team for each platform like we currently have.

Easier to market

Development framework of the cross-platform app uses a unified codebase that helps companies to finish the mobile application development process faster and also makes timely delivery of the app possible for its customers.

Easier to Launch

Usually apps have modules and extensions that easily integrate with various tools to improve its efficiency and appearance. Even for developers, it’s convenient to launch and maintain codes for apps to run across multiple platforms. As a matter of fact, the recent updates also enable apps to become compatible across multiple devices.


One of the key factors for apps is how good their User Experience (UX). The single codebase plays an important role in developing a multi-platform app by helping to maintain the look, feel, and consistency of the app on different platforms.

Developers facing problems to develop App

One of the major problems that developers face is the presence of many models of mobile phones that need to be compatible. Although most , it’s not enough. Windows and iOS provide a lot of competition, and even the iPad comes up with different options that require developing their app experiences. If you are really looking for a dynamic mobile app that should ideally support every platform that people use. At present, we don’t have the technology to create an app that works on all platforms and different mobile devices. In spite of developers working hard to achieve this, it will still take a long time. It’s not as if all cross-platform apps are developed in overseas countries; there are a couple of native apps like Connected India in the Indian social media that are performing exceedingly well.

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