• June 21, 2024

How Online Quran Memorization Is Better Than A Madrasa?

We find number of advantages of online Quran memorization over madrasa. Here are the reasons why Online Quran Memorization is Better.

Memorizing the Quran is not an easy task. If you are willing to memorize the Quran you should take each step carefully. From selecting the institution to select the Quran tutor. 

Nowadays people have different choices for Quran memorization. Some people prefer madrasa and others go for online Quran memorization services.

Both of them are effective and helpful but in recent pandemic online Quran memorization has taken some peak as nobody is willing to go outside.

After Covide-19Online Quran Memorization becomes Better Than a Madrasa. Here are some possible reasons why memorizing the Quran online is easy and effective as compared to madrasa.

Online Quran Memorization VS Madrasa 

No Traveling Issues 

If you are memorizing the Quran in madrasa you have to travel no matter what. Even in harsh weather you cannot miss your memorization class. But in online Quran memorization you are free from this tension. You can easily memorize the Quran online simply by staying at home. There is no need to leave your house, you can memorize the Quran in your comfort and ease. In online Quran memorization there is no one to disturb you.

One To One Session

In madrasa you are bound to sit with other colleagues to memorize Quran. Some students are not comfortable with other students, but in madrasa there isn’t any option of memorizing alone. You have to memorize the Quran with the whole group. On the other hand, in online Quran memorization you can memorize alone through one on one sessions. Without any disturbance you can easily learn quran. Because of this option of online Quran memorization is better than madrasa. 

Experienced and Expert Teachers

In madrasa the Quran tutors are also experienced but they do not have any certification. While in online Quran memorization programs all the tutors are expert and professional. They are certified. All online Quran programs have a tough criteria of selecting teachers.

Less Costly 

Another feature of the online technique is that it is less costly; students just pay for Quran sessions, not all additional fees and transit costs; while some students require significant local transportation, the system might be converted to online lectures. Internet-based lessons are less inexpensive; it is the most cost-effective way to save money.

Change The Tutor

In madrasa you do not have any opportunity and authority to change the Quran tutor. You have to memorize the Quran from the particular teacher. In madrasa the only option you have is to compromise. On the other hand in online quran memorization you can change the Quran tutor anytime. If you are not comfortable or you are facing any other issue with your tutor. The replacement of the tutor option will help you in this case.

No Specific Timing 

Every Human being is different, some people like to memorize early in the morning, others want to memorize late at night. If you are memorizing the Quran in a madrasa you have to join the class at a specific time. There isn’t any option of customizing timing. While in an online Quran memorization course you are free to choose the timing. In online platforms the teachers are available for you any time. You can choose the time when you feel easy to memorize the Quran.

No Disturbance 

Another benefit of online Quran memorization is that you can memorize in peace. Your whole focus will be on memorization. While in madrasa there are other students also, so it’s not possible to keep a noise free environment. In madrasa many students are in the habit of memorizing the Quran in a loud voice. So in this environment you are not able to memorize the Quran peacefully.

Save and Secure

In madrasa, it is common to observe Quran lecturers abusing students. However, no one can harm you while you are learning online, which pleases the parents. 

Many parents and girls who are apprehensive about studying at a madrasa find it much easier to learn in an adaptive way where they can confidently ask questions.


When comparing online memorization Quran with Madrasa, you can easily get to know online Quran memorization is better in many ways. In this busy world you can easily memorize Quran without getting extra stress of timing, place and tutor.

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