• July 19, 2024

How to Accelerate Your Atlas Progression in Path of Exile 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors

In this PoE 3.22 Atlas progression guide, we discuss the best strategies to reach red maps quickly in Path of Exile. By following the wandering path and optimizing your Atlas passive skills, you can accelerate your progression and unlock powerful rewards.

How to Accelerate Your Atlas Progression in Path of Exile 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors

The Wandering Path:

The wandering path is a keystone that doubles the effects of your small Atlas passive skills. By focusing on this path, you can bypass certain mechanics that require notables, allowing for a faster progression towards T14+ maps.

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Reaching T14+ Maps:

To quickly progress to T14+ maps, prioritize killing the two watch stone bosses or an exarc. This ensures the acquisition of two watch stones, providing additional chances to drop T16 maps. Running these maps will yield a large number of map drops, including guaranteed adjacent maps.

Building the Atlas Passive Tree:

Focus on the middle of the Atlas passive tree to acquire important nodes. By obtaining nodes that grant a 2% chance for adjacent map drops and a 1% chance for additional Kirac missions, you can accelerate your initial Atlas progression. Additionally, acquiring nodes that provide a 5% chance for maps to be one tier higher will be beneficial later on.

Utilizing the Wandering Path:

Spec into the wandering path and expand the number of nodes on your Atlas passive tree. With the wandering path doubling the effect of each node (4% per node), aim for a stat summary close to 100%. This ensures a 100% chance to drop an adjacent map when all monsters on the map have been killed.

Efficient Map Farming:

To farm efficiently, enter maps and focus on finding the adjacent map. Once you’ve killed the map boss, you can proceed to the next map without completing the rest. This method saves time and allows for faster progression.

Optimizing for Higher Tiers:

Continue specializing your Atlas passive tree to increase the chance of acquiring higher-tier maps. This can be done by allocating nodes that offer a 5% chance for maps to be one tier higher, increasing the likelihood of getting plus one maps.

Exploring Different Mechanics:

With the foundation set, you can branch out and specialize in various mechanics. The Atlas passive tree enhances legion monolith chances, blight encounters, Keystone Scream of Consciousness, and Expedition modifiers. Spec into these nodes to benefit from increased chances and improved quantity.

Reallocating Passives:

As you progress and acquire more maps, consider reallocating passive skills to further specialize in mechanics of your choice. You can respect nodes and gain more passive skills that align with your preferred mechanic.

Additional Tips:

Take advantage of the “All Hands” passive to increase the chance of encountering random masters by 40% and receive 150% of their value. This can greatly enhance your early mapping experience.

What are some recommended mechanics to specialize in once I reach T14+ maps and unspec from the Wandering Path Keystone?

  • Once you reach T14+ maps and unspec from the Wandering Path Keystone, there are several recommended mechanics you can specialize in to enhance your gameplay experience. Here are a few options:
  • Legion Monolith Chance: Legion encounters can be highly rewarding, offering valuable rewards and unique items. By speccing into nodes that increase the chance to spawn Legion Monoliths, you can maximize your chances of encountering these lucrative encounters.
  • Blight Encounters: Blight encounters provide an opportunity to earn Blighted maps and valuable oils. By speccing into nodes that increase the chance to spawn Blight encounters, you can enjoy more frequent encounters and potentially earn valuable rewards.
  • Expedition: Expeditions offer a unique gameplay experience where you can uncover ancient artifacts and earn Expedition-specific rewards. By speccing into nodes that increase the chance to gain additional Expeditions, you can enjoy more frequent Expedition encounters and increase your chances of obtaining valuable artifacts.
  • Notable Passives: Once you have unspec’d from the Wandering Path Keystone, you can invest in notable passives that enhance your build and playstyle. These notables can provide various benefits such as increased damage, survivability, or utility. Choose notables that synergize well with your build and enhance your overall effectiveness.

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