• May 23, 2024
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How to Become Great at Card Reading

The first thing I would like to emphasize is that there isn’t a substitute for the experience. It takes time to truly understand how destiny cards appear in real life scenarios.

After more than a quarter of a century of playing with the cards, I’m still trying to understand and observing new ways in which certain cards from the future can appear on the faces of individuals.

I am a firm believer in the power of the cards and, when they don’t agree with what I’m seeing I am always thinking there’s something more that I need to know about the cards.

You should give yourself at least one year until you reach the point at which you begin to feel you’ve reached an understanding of these.

I recommend that you keep learning and watch attitude during the initial year. There are some tips I can provide to assist you in enhancing the readings that you give. These suggestions are as follows:

Find out who you are reading about

The person you’re doing a reading for has one of a few traits. They are also more or less conscious of themselves and generally more physical (externally) and spiritually (internally) focused.

This level of awareness and their nature are more influenced by the nature of their cards rather as opposed to themselves. Be aware that every card includes a high as well as a low point of expression.

There isn’t a good or bad choice. The more difficult or challenging cards like the Seven or Nine are likely to show a negative attitude to people who are material as well as a positive outlook for people who are more spiritual.

By spiritual, I don’t mean someone who attends the church and wears crystals. I am referring to someone who searches at themselves for answers.

Actually, Sevens and Nines can be both great and happiness for spiritually minded people.

However, be aware that the majority of the population is not spiritually-minded in this manner. It is likely that your customer or anyone else you’re doing card readings for has a mix of both material and spiritual and possibly more of the latter.

This is something to consider on your own. One way to determine this is to determine if the person you are looking to discuss their life as a victim of someone else or accusing other people of their problems.

This usually indicates it is a materialist and the Sevens and Nines will cause them to face a variety of challenges and problems to face.

Know Yourself

The ability to interpret a reading for another will always be influenced by your personal thoughts, beliefs, desire for approval, the desire to give back and your own sense of self-worth. It is incredibly difficult to be able to separate ourselves from our readings.

It is a good idea to begin each reading by praying to God or whoever to direct you to be as pure as possible , and not allow your personal concerns interfere with your intention to aid the person you’re reading for.

If you are able to notice yourself projecting your personal issues onto the card reading, it could be a major opportunity for you to make a breakthrough. I am compelled to give some advice to other people based on the information I have.

However, I do like to examine myself to ensure that the subject I’m offering advice about isn’t an issue that is a source of contention for me. If I’m biased in one direction or another it will be difficult for me to be able to fully  connect with the client I am working with and understand what’s going on for them.

Everyone can benefit from this suggestion when we’re trying to read a card. The client usually gives us a lot of confidence during a reading.

If we’re accurate about some things, they’ll tend to believe what we say to them. This means a significant obligation for us which shouldn’t be lightly taken.

Consider why you are conducting card readings? What is your motivation to fulfill a need, desire and purpose?

The answer, should you dig deep inside yourself, will reveal the root of what you see in your cards readings. If you’re not sure about it, then try to become crystal-clear.

The more clear you’re at, the greater chance you are not likely to be shocked by the results you get – because you made them! For instance this is what I am trying to accomplish when giving readings on cards

The reason I conduct readings to educate and empower people to bring them that they are in touch with themselves and their ability to control their destiny that they are able to leave my reading confident that their fate lies in their own hands and they have everything they desire from life.

Keep on the Positive

No matter how awful it appears, it can have a positive side to it. Some of the world’s most devastating tragedies have had positive outcomes.

I would like my clients to believe they are able to handle any issue that may arise, including the most frightening fate cards and events.

I teach them that they’re in the process of creating what’s happening which allows them to be able to accept and handle what is happening more efficiently.

If I caused this problem I could learn from it and make changes to it since I am the one who created it rather than the victim.

This is the message I give to my clients. And the most enjoyable readings of cards for me are those which I watch my client change from being a victim to a creator. Wow! Those are truly uplifting! Therefore, I don’t see any situation as bad.

There are certain situations that arise in our lives that we don’t want to deal with or don’t want to have to deal with. It is my responsibility to remind me as well as others, that the most difficult situations have a positive and incredibly meaningful significance to the circumstances.

Read for those who are familiar with

Start your journey to understanding the realm of destiny through doing your own reading and those you know. Learning is about personalizing the meanings that the card represents. They are just symbols of our choices as well as us. If you practice reading for free for people you are familiar with you’ll be able to master the destiny cards faster.

This is why I recommend that you practice the weekly readings according to the instructions within the text for at most an entire year. Five years is my recommended minimum.

The most important thing we need when we learn the meanings behind the cards is the firsthand experience that we can compare to the cards we encounter within our spreads. That’s where true learning happens.

There is nothing that can give you more information about the Ace of Spades in Saturn than having one for yourself.

As I type this because I am currently going through the process of acquiring an Ace of Spades in Saturn right now! The first time that I have ever had one since I learned what the card is. It’s a wonderful way to educate yourself!

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