• July 23, 2024

How to Complete an 80% Lower

I have read everything you need to know before working with the sub recipient. Assume you have all the tools and materials you need. Now let’s move on to the start-to-finish step of the 80% Less Buyer Process.

Set template 80% lower

First, you need to connect a drainage chamber to the template and secure it firmly. Install the side plate to fully secure the receiver. You need a secure base of accessories that can be mounted vertically. When you’re done, continue to the next step.

Protect the Template Support

Next, secure the template support to prevent it from slipping or wobbling on the router. Take the template plate holder and screw it into the indicator. The rounded edges should rest against the bumper tube casing and then tighten down firmly.

Pull lightly to make sure everything handles properly. Please note that you need to make sure that the stencil holder is installed correctly.

Secure Pilot Hole 80% jigs and Vise

Position the pilot hole template so that you can place the hole exactly where you want it on the indentation.

Make sure you screw them in properly too. Please note that loose parts may ruin the design or cause injury. Therefore, it is very important to install the components correctly first.

After placing the pilot hole 80% jigs, you can take the entire 80% jigs out and place it in the vise. Lock the template in here, but be careful not to put too much pressure on it. This can mess up your template, but it’s not

Prepare a drill or cutter (3/8-inch drill bit)

Then insert the correct bit to prepare the drill. You need to use 3/8 inch on the vise. You must also select the drilling depth of the machine.

Don’t mess it up by leaving the depth from the top to the template plate at 2 inches. Once set, the drill will stop exactly at the defined depth setting to avoid confusion.

Drill a pilot hole, 1. Install the routing template

Time to drill a pilot hole in the slot. Use a lubricant or cutting fluid to keep everything cool and smooth. Then start drilling from the face of the template and drill to a depth of exactly 2.0 inches.

This must be done to complete the hole in the safety lever. When drilling holes, you can use the highly recommended stop collars and gauges to ensure the depth is correct.

After drilling the pilot holes replace the plate with the first router and continue to the next step.

Set the Mill Depth and Mill the Blank

Then, before continuing, the routing depth should be set to 1.375″ from the face of the template. Then replace the 3/8″ drill bit and replace the short 3/8″ bit. Insert it.

After that basic preparation, cut exactly 1.375 inches from the top. Use the gauge to make sure the depth is correct. Also, note that the first template fills half of the firearm slot.

Let’s see how to do it best.

Using templates

The template guides the rollers to make the proper cuts and allows the rollers to follow the edges of the template for best results.

Coolants keep everything cool and help reduce all-important excessive friction. Also, be careful not to damage the template plate when cutting the receiver.

Use a drill

If you are using a router, you can make controlled movements and cut through literally anything. However, if you use a drill, it’s a bit annoying because you can only use it vertically.

Let’s look at the two most important ways you need to know to use a drill without damaging the drill or the lower receiver.

Plunge cut

As you can see, the drill cannot cut from the side. This can be very limited when working in the drain chamber.

To fix this, you can use a template cutter that allows you to cut vertically. This way you can use the plunge cut method to cut all the white space.

Light milling machine

Plunge cutting removes most of the aluminum from the groove, leaving bumps and jagged edges. Now you need to use a light sanding method to get rid of them and get a smooth, even body.

Remember that the force applied to the drill spindle, stack and bearings is negligible. And this allows you to run a light mill without fear.

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