• June 21, 2024

How to Complete Your Peace Dollar Coin Collection

The Peace Dollar Coin is among the most distinguished coins invented and introduced in the United States. Moreover, having been mined in the early years, the Peace Dollar Coin resulted from competition that involved finding iconic peace designs.

Furthermore, it symbolizes peace and victory and recognizes the many sacrifices made by United States citizens during the world wars. In addition, the creation of the Peace Dollar Coin has been made possible through modern technological advances and precious historical commodities to produce a beautiful finishing.

Features of the Peace Dollar Coin

According to experts and financial markets, this dollar coin is said to have a value of 1 dollar, holds an approximate weight of 0.858 ounces, is minted in 9999 thousandth tin, and has a fluted edge.

Moreover, there are various options for the dollar coin collections. However, to make a complete set collection of the Peace Dollar Coin, an investor must know the different combinations of Peace Dollar key dates and mint marks, which are 24 in number.

Below are ways to make your peace dollar coin collection set complete:

  1. Acquiring the Issued Philadelphia Peace Dollar Key Dates

Obtaining the first four issued Peace Dollar Key Dates from the Philadelphia mint is essential to make a complete set of your peace dollar coin. The first four coins allow you to have original coins in your collection.

Furthermore, the first minted Peace Dollar Coin in 1921 is limited both in terms of circulation and state condition, making it a more sought-after currency by many investors. Moreover, according to experts, it’s a special only silver-coin. Therefore since it was the first coin to be minted, it holds value, and its pricing is high.

However, investors and collectors can also acquire 1928 Peace Dollar Key Dates to complete their collection set since it is the only little coin produced. 

  1. Purchase Certified Peace Dollar Coins.

It’s essential to do good research on valid and certified coins before purchase. Since they are availably limited, Peace Key Dollar Dates is the only thing that distinguishes them from counterfeit coins. Also, purchasing these coins directly from the mint is a preferred option over owning original coins.

  1. Explore the Rare Varieties of Peace Dollars Coin

Over the years, other varieties of the Peace Dollar Key Date’s coin were invented and minted. Therefore, a coin collector can choose different types to add and complete their Peace Dollar Coin collection.

Such as the 1943 San Francisco Mint, which had approximately 1 million coins produced, can be an excellent addition to complete the coin set. Though it’s very limited in the mint condition, it’s a coin searched for by many investors and coin collectors. However, its scarcity has made it more costly and more valuable.


Due to their low mint conditions and limited numbers, their production and minting were not meant for circulation and purchase. In addition, they remain a symbol of peace and victory and are considered a national heritage.

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