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Lost Ark

Instructions on how to participate in Guardian Raids in Lost Ark.

In Lost Ark, players have the opportunity to complete a variety of endgame activities, including the Guardian Raids. A single Guardian Boss presents them with a challenge in this player versus environment activity. Each raid features a different Guardian that must be vanquished; these bosses each have their own set of distinct abilities and gameplay mechanics that must be understood.

Lost Ark

In addition to reaching level 50 in Lost Ark, players will also be required to finish the quest for the Guardian Raid Qualification Certificate in order to unlock the ability to take part in these unique raids. Engage the Guardian Raid bulletin board in conversation and investigate the various bosses that can be fought in this instance of the raid. If a player’s item level is not high enough, they won’t be able to participate in that particular raid and will miss out on the US East Ladon Lost Ark Gold rewards. If the player’s item level meets or exceeds the requirement for the raid, selecting the raid will give them the option to begin the challenge on their own or join a waiting list for a group effort. They will then be taken to the Guardian Raid once they are ready.

Each day, players are allowed to participate in Guardian Raids twice. Players have the option of taking on each raid by themselves or teaming up with up to two other allies in an effort to take down the incredibly powerful boss that guards each instance.

Reaching level 50 is required in order to participate in the majority of the activities available in the Smilegate MMORPG. The Guardian Raids are one of the many end-game challenges that become available at this point in the game. Unlocking North Vern and finishing the quest for the Guardian Raid Qualification Certificate are two requirements before moving on. 

Find Seifeltz and have a conversation with him. In order to participate in Guardian Raids, you will need to sign the required document. Send the document to Seifeltz for review. Players are able to take part in Guardian Raids after accepting the waiver.

The only thing required of you is to fill out and submit a form within the game. After that has been completed, players are free to travel to any major city within Arkesia. Within each of these cities is a bulletin board for the Guardian Raids that anyone interested can check out.

There, they will do battle with a monstrous creature that is extremely difficult to vanquish and calls for a high level of offensive prowess. I wish anyone who attempts to take on a Guardian without the assistance of a few friends the best of luck. If you want to avoid the powerful shock wave attack that Tytalos unleashes, the only way to do so is to spend a few seconds standing in one of the sandstorms. It will inflict a debuff on you, but after about two seconds, it will also grant you temporary immunity to damage. Dark Legoros deals significant damage, but the majority of his offense comes from breath attacks and a jumping attack that goes backward. If you’re successful, you can use the back jumps to pin it against the wall, which will significantly reduce its mobility.

The unique selling point of Helgaia is that it morphs between phases, eventually becoming able to fly and gaining significantly more mobility as it does so. It is possible to stagger it in order to prevent evolution, although the timing may not always work. Calventus is not particularly complicated, but it can still be hazardous. Its primary attacks consist of a jumping attack and, in phase two, a blast of air from its mouth. If an attack successfully hits your character, an armor debuff will be applied to them; therefore, you should cleanse whenever possible.

Chromanium extracted from lava performs the same functions as standard Chromanium, with a few important exceptions. It will set fire to the ground like Yoho, and when attacks connect, burn will be applied to the target. When it reaches a low amount of health, it will activate a move called Melting Core, which will kill each member of your party one by one if the boss is not defeated right away.

The Alberhastic Guardian is currently the most challenging. It can take a variety of forms, each of which possesses a unique attack that is capable of dealing a significant amount of damage. While Alberhastic is using his spear form to free a member of the party, you should use your spear to knock him out. When he is in the sky, transform into your winged form and enter the tornadoes. The most effective strategy for avoiding his ground smash is to stay underneath him while he is in the air and then to dash away as quickly as possible just before he hits the ground.

Protective PlatesIn all other respects, Nacrasena is identical to its namesake, but it features two Lost Ark other items break sequences. After you have destroyed its armor, you should concentrate your efforts on stunning it and breaking its tail. The Fox at NightYoho is a Guardian who likes to play tricks. It calls forth two lesser foxes that must be vanquished before any damage can be dealt to Yoho, but in addition to that, it has the ability to transform members of your party into foxes for a period of time. Concentrate your efforts on vanquishing the hostile foxes and gathering the orbs that they drop to strengthen your defenses. Velganos is one of the Guardians with the highest speed, and each of his attacks deals significant damage. It will occasionally take on a sinister appearance, and when it does, its attacks will cause you to take more damage than normal.

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