• May 22, 2024

Why And How To Use 360 ​​Videos In Social Media Marketing

Videos have always had a huge impact on social media. Whether it’s Facebook or Instagram, video content is what Social Media gurus are focusing on today.

Just take a look at these HubSpot stats:

Almost 50% of Internet users search for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store.
More than 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram every day.
45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week.
In 2015, YouTube brought 360 videos to the scene. Since then, many other companies, including the giant Facebook, have followed suit. This has contributed to a new trend in social media that is likely to last for some time.

Benefits of 360 videos in marketing

One of the greatest difficulties of current Marketing is to capture the attention and surprise consumers. As we have moved from traditional print to television and now to the Internet, the struggle to capture the attention of the audience has become more specific and more difficult. Immersion has been the word most used by many in order to win this battle in the future.
If we talk about immersion, it makes a lot of sense that Virtual Reality experiences have a lot to say in the new Marketing. Proof of this is the following, when comparing content with still frame video with identical content in 360 form, the viewing time of 360 content is almost 30% longer being seen by 6 times more people.

Other benefits of 360 videos in marketing include:

More than 50% complete video views.
Almost 5% increase in Click Throught Rate (CTR).
Around 40% reductions in cost per impression (CPI).
At the company level, other benefits to highlight are:
User experience: For brands it is very beneficial that potential consumers can experience and create links with their products.
Relationship with the consumer: Being immersive experiences, the sensations generated in the consumer are much more intense, creating much stronger and more lasting bonds on a sentimental level.
Versatility: It is a content that is profitable very well since the return obtained from them is very high. It can be used not only with Virtual Reality devices but also shared on social networks, obtaining a much greater reach than normal publications, or on the same web page, which is beneficial for its positioning.

On the other hand, these contents in virtual reality are very impressive for consumers. We must bear in mind that the advertising market is already very saturated and, as we have already mentioned, it is very difficult to surprise and capture the attention of users. With virtual reality technology, it can be achieved in an efficient way, getting the message across while the customer enjoys it.

Why use 360 ​​videos in social media?

In addition to all the benefits mentioned above and giving viewers an incredible experience from a totally unique and immersive point of view, there are several other reasons why you should include 360 ​​videos in your Social Media strategy. Here are some of them:
Show products
Nescafe is a smart company. It has been one of the first companies to use this new technology. By using a 360 video to show how their coffee is produced, Nescafe achieved two things: promoting how fresh their product is, and generating a large number of potential customers in the process.
Show events
Tomorrow land took their promotion to the next level by allowing their viewers to be a part of the event. How? Using a 360 video, of course. An impact is created like nothing except attending the event itself can match.

Improve video blogs

YouTubers are using 360 videos as a means of letting their viewers be a part of the stories they are sharing. It is one of the most effective ways to increase engagement.
Promote tourist destinations
The use of a 360 video is one of the most effective ways for promotion in the tourism industry. Some of the best applications of 360 interaction video can be found in this industry (remember our visit to Fitur), as it allows viewers to see, and almost feel, what it is like to be in a particular destination.
Ways to incorporate live 360 ​​video into marketing
In its most basic form, live 360 ​​videos add a much deeper level of interest and content, even in its simplest form. Unlike classic videos, 360-degree content suggests to viewers that something more interesting is happening at a


In 2022, after several months of experimentation by invited testers, Facebook finally granted universal access to live video streaming to all Facebook users. The move was closely watched by Twitter and Instagram, both realizing that live video offers a sense of urgency and exclusivity that no other type of content can match.
As part of that experimentation, Facebook worked with National Geographic to offer live 360-degree video.
Viewers who watched a recording of the live broadcast were also able to put their mobile phones into VR goggles so they only had to turn their heads to see everything around them.
Now Facebook Live 360 ​​​​has been extended to all Facebook users, little by little, and can already be used from Facebook profiles and pages.
As we can see, live 360 ​​videos open up a whole new range of creative marketing opportunities that we should take advantage of. Here are some ideas for using Facebook Live 360 to add something special to your social media marketing strategy.

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