• June 21, 2024
Worcester Boilers

An Insight to Worcester Boilers; Are They Really the Best Buy?

Are you planning to invest in a boiler? And are you considering Worcester Boilers? If so, then you probably know that they are one of the most famous boiler manufacturing companies at the moment. Worcester is trusted and appreciated by many as they promise to deliver reliable and high quality products, all the time.

There won’t be a time when you get Worcester Boilers and not be impressed. They are certainly built with a lot of attention.

Whether you want a new boiler installation or a replacement, Worcester is certainly a great pick to make.

Worcester Boilers are the best bet for almost everyone as they have something for every type of budget. In this brief guide, we will be taking a look at different aspects of Worcester Boilers and help you decide whether it is the best purchase for you or not.

Why Choose Worcester Boilers?

If you are thinking; why only Worcester Boilers? Then here is why!

1. Energy efficient:

Everyone wants boilers that are energy efficient these days. Each model you choose is A-rated. This means that their boilers actively save you a good amount of money on all types of models. If you have an old boiler in the house, replace it with a Worcester boiler and you will notice a significant change in your energy bills.

2. Great range of Boilers:

No matter what type of heating system you have, Worcester Boilers have something for everyone. From combi to regular and system boilers; you get each type. You also get oil fired boilers. There is certainly no compromise on the high quality range that they are offering. Worcester is famous for its innovation.

And since the Greenstar Lifestyle boiler has been the talk of the town; Worcester is reaching new heights. With cutting edge and latest technology, Worcester Boilers are offering a range that is unbeatable.

3. Award Winning:

What else can be a better reason to place your trust in Worcester? It has been receiving the best buy award, for the past 10 years, in a row. It has also received the best awards from CORGI, Best Factory and OFTEC.

Costs of Worcester Boilers:

Worcester Boilers seem to be a perfect package for everyone. From energy efficiency to a great range; everything seems to be on point. So now, coming to the costs; you get everything for every type of budget. The prices range between $750 to $3000. You can also get installments from some amazing suppliers like Hawk Heating Supplies and purchase the best boiler for yourself.

Combi boilers are one of the most trusted and bought types of boilers in the UK. More than 70% of the buyers t in combi boilers. This is because they are quite energy efficient, thus, the energy bills stay on the minimal end.

It also saves up space, unlike the system boilers which come along with a water storage tank. You can easily compare the various types and costs and make a pick that suits your requirements.

How long will your Worcester Boiler last?

Worcester boilers are one of the most trusted boilers of all times and for all the right reasons. They are not just reliable but they also offer a 5 year guarantee. It is legit the best place to put your money at. As a rough estimate, you can easily expect your Worcester boiler to last you no less than 10 years. And they can run for as good as 12 or 15 years as well, depending on how well you maintain them.


Vaillant System Boilers are certainly the best bet to make if you are looking to get a new boiler. However, it is very important to understand that no matter what boiler you buy, you need to get it serviced at least once every year by a professional team. Also, look after it and make sure that you do not miss out on any signs of needing repairs.

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