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Marketing management

Marketing management- Processes of evaluating Its Strategies


Marketing management is the process of controlling marketing components, establishing company goals, developing plans step by step, making solid decisions, and putting them into action to maximize turnover by meeting customer expectations.

A marketing manager must conduct extensive research to gain a thorough understanding of what marketing management entails and how to improve it for your company’s benefit. To attract customers, marketing management relies on the product, location, pricing, and promotion.

These four Ps are determined by the company’s management based on client demand for what they want to buy, at reasonable market rates, and easily accessible in shops or online. For a business to survive, marketing management must deal with and bring in these aspects.

Marketing management also entails analyzing the results of previous marketing campaigns and consumer outreach initiatives, as well as adjusting a company’s overall marketing strategy based on customer input and sales patterns. It aims to simplify how a company establishes client relationships and links its products and services with people who could benefit from them.

Marketing management across the borders/ International marketing management:

Marketing activities that take place across national borders are referred to as international marketing management or Management across the border.

International marketing management necessitates the marketing manager’s ability to have a comprehensive grasp of the client base in each country where the product is sold, including cultural subtleties and demographics unique to that country.

When you’re selling products in several nations, you may need to work with local marketers, which will broaden your marketing management responsibilities. This could entail recruiting local staff or engaging the services of a third-party marketing firm to better contact customers in that country.

Processes Involving in Marketing Management:

These procedures can be used by businesses to improve their marketing efforts from all sides.

 • Market and customer analysis: This marketing management approach focuses on determining your company’s present market position and evaluating consumer behavior.

Strategy, goals, and objectives development: What direction does a company intend to take? What is its strategy for getting there? Following a market and consumer analysis, the strategy will lay out a road map for the future.

Product development: Marketing managers are essential in the creation of new products. These experts assist in the creation of emotive, on-brand marketing when it comes to communicating the benefits of a product.

• Marketing programs implementation: Once prospective programs and campaigns have been identified, it’s time to put the resources in place to get them off the ground.

• Monitoring and control: It’s critical to assess the success of marketing activities and initiatives. It guides the planning and execution of future operations.

Marketing management and its objectives:

Each organization has pre-determined goals, which are guided by management goals. The following are the most basic and important marketing management objectives:

  • Attracting new customers

Marketing management’s main purpose is to attract new customers in order to increase product sales. To ensure that the greatest number of people are brought to the company’s products, several strategies are used, such as placing commercials on TV channels or social media, distributing pamphlets, and assembling a sales crew to show the products.

  • Customer Satisfaction

Another important purpose of marketing management is to keep satisfied clients who have long been loyal to the company’s products. For this goal, quality is vital, but so is good service, such as on-time product delivery and product delivery without damage.

  • Profitability:

If a business does not produce a profit, it will not be able to survive for long. Any business’s lifeblood is profit. To grow, diversify, and retain a business, it is critical to generate a profit. What is market management, and why is it crucial for businesses to grasp it? And how will these market objectives be met? In order to maximize profit and growth, a company’s management team keeps marketing on track by engaging old and loyal customers while also attracting new ones.

  • Market share:

Marketing management also has the purpose of increasing marketing share as much as possible. Companies use a variety of ways to compare their products to a market economy to maximize market sales. Businesses will occasionally provide discounts to entice customers. They execute promotions and occasionally produce enticing and distinctive packaging.

  • Public reputation

A positive public image is required for a company to grow. A corporation with a positive public image has more options to grow and diversify, but one with a negative image will be unable to exist. Marketing may help a company’s reputation and make it more trustworthy to customers.


It is essential to a company’s success that marketing management is in place since it finds the most effective techniques for reaching customers and increasing sales. Marketing strategies that attract new customers while also retaining existing customers are essential for firms that want to stay competitive in their area. Marketing management supports new firms in identifying a niche or growing into several sectors based on previous experience selling to a variety of audiences. A company’s reputation is built by connecting with its target audiences through advertising and customer involvement. In order to understand more about your ideal consumer and how to drive their interest in your products or services, you can analyze client interactions and purchase patterns as your marketing plan develops over time.

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