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Mastermind Toys

Mastermind Toys Review

Mastermind Toys is a privately held company based in Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario, founded by Andy Levy and Jonathan Levy. The company was started in 1984 and is now privately owned by Birch Hill Private Equity. The company is also a member of the Ontario Manufacturers’ Association.


Founded in 1984 by brothers Jon and Andy Levy, Mastermind Toys is now Canada’s largest specialty toy retailer. Besides selling a wide variety of educational toys, they also offer toys for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and older children. Mastermind Toys has 68 stores across Canada.

The Toronto-based retailer has recently reshaped its business. It has also strengthened its marketing efforts, launched an online loyalty program, and increased its online shopping capabilities. These initiatives drive brand awareness and strengthen the company’s customer base. In addition, Mastermind’s new management will enhance the company’s customer-centric strategy.

Mastermind Toys is also known for its large selection of private-label items. For instance, Mastermind has more Lego than you can imagine. There is also a wide variety of microscopes for kids. And remember the company’s fleet of pint-sized vehicles.

Mastermind Toys has launched a new loyalty program called Perks. The program allows customers to earn free items and special discounts throughout the year. In addition, Perks members also receive personalized toy recommendations. These members can also enjoy gift wrapping in stores. The program was designed after market research.

Mastermind Toys is known for its “Let’s Play” campaign, which encourages customers to play. The company’s “Let’s Play” campaign is the largest media investment the company has made.

It’s a national campaign designed to make kids and adults excited about the play. The campaign also includes a digital video. In addition, Mastermind is also offering customers the chance to reserve products online. The online service has received an overwhelmingly positive response from users. 93% of users said they were satisfied with the service.

Mastermind Toys has also introduced a loyalty program, Perks, which allows customers to earn free items and special discounts. In addition, Perks members can also enjoy gift wrapping in stores. Those who sign up for the program are also sent a weekly newsletter with deals and special offers. In addition, Perks members are given early access to new products and a chance to win surprise gifts.

Mastermind Toys

Online store

Whether you’re looking for the best-in-class online shopping experience or a one-stop shop for all your toy needs, Mastermind Toys is the one-stop shop for all your toy needs. They are Canada’s largest specialty toy and book retailer and have been in business for over 37 years. They carry a large selection of toys, games, and books. They also have a comprehensive selection of toy accessories, gadgets, and other novelty items.

A large online store complements the company’s 68 retail locations across Canada. The online store has some of the largest selections of toys and games and is a one-stop shop for all your toy shopping needs. They offer a full complement of products and services and have a convenient online checkout system that allows customers to order online and have it delivered to their doorsteps in as little as one hour. In addition to online shopping, Mastermind has a robust customer service and loyalty program. They also have a special gift-finder tool to help you find that perfect gift for the special someone in your life.

The company has also snagged some of the best online shopping deals with a large selection of promo and coupon codes available to customers. The company offers free shipping on orders over $100, a gift-wrapping service, and a convenient one-hour pickup option. They have a large selection of toys and games for all ages, and the company is always looking to expand its offerings to meet customers’ needs nationwide. With so many options available to shoppers, you are sure to find a deal that’s right for you. For the best-in-class online shopping experience, visit Mastermind Toys today. They have the best selection of toys and games available in Canada and will help you find the best gift for the special someone in your life.

Back to school play guide

Whether you are shopping for back-to-school or just looking for fun new toys for your kids, Mastermind Toys has what you are looking for. The company is releasing its largest back-to-school collection in 37 years this year. This collection includes new takes on climbing ropes, suspended obstacle courses, and flower garden tools.

Mastermind Toys is Canada’s Authority on Play. With a passion for ensuring kids have access to meaningful play experiences, the company works with partners to deliver toys that support learning and thriving. They’re also Canada’s largest children’s book retailer. The company has 69 stores in Canada and a website with coast-to-coast shopping. And this year, the company launched its private brand, Mastermind Toys, to make classic toys more accessible.

Mastermind Toys partnered with Right To Play, a global organization promoting youth life skills development, to develop and distribute PLAY Packs for Indigenous youth. These packs include a wide variety of toys that teach valuable skills.

Mastermind Toys recently launched its Back to School Play Guide. This large collection is designed to inspire learning through play. This Guide features cool school supplies, recess play activities, and educational workbooks. The Guide also highlights the company’s Books That Give Back program. This program supports BGC Canada initiatives. This year, Mastermind Toys has raised $15,000 for Right To Play.

Mastermind Toys is one of the only juvenile retailers in the world that curates based on the outcomes of play. This curation model explains how different play patterns support development at different learning stages.

In addition to its online shopping, Mastermind Toys has expanded its digital and mobile commerce channels. And this year, the company is launching its signature collection. The new collection is available both online and in-store. These products include a variety of themes, including science and STEM-focused activities.

Mastermind Toys also plans to double its private brand assortment in 2022. In addition to developing and expanding its private brand, the company plans to continue its commitment to meaningful play opportunities for children. In addition, Mastermind Toys is continuing to be an official play partner of The Baby Show.

Books that give back

During the summer months, Mastermind Toys releases a Back to School Play Guide highlighting books that give back. The Guide consists of various fun, educational workbooks, and plays activities. These items are all curated by the team at Mastermind Toys. The Guide is valuable for parents and kids looking to find activities to fill the summer months. This year, Mastermind Toys expanded its book selection and has introduced new stories, books, and games to support learning through play.

Books are a popular back-to-school category and are one of Mastermind Toys’ best sellers. The Guide highlights books that give back by supporting diversity initiatives, equity, and inclusion programs for youth. The Guide also features stories and activities for kids and parents. Books that give back support Mastermind Toys’ mission to inspire lifelong learners through play.

Mastermind Toys has a long history of providing quality toys, books, and educational resources to encourage curiosity and a sense of wonder. As Canada’s leading specialty toy retailer, the company has grown from a single store in 1984 to 68 stores across Canada. The company also offers online shopping and contactless pickup. In addition, Mastermind Toys has introduced a private brand line. This line, helmed by Sarah Lowry, is a collection of on-trend toys and activities that can’t be found at traditional big box retailers. Mastermind Toys plans to expand its private brand offering to double its present presence in the next few years.

Sarah Lowry joined the Mastermind Toys team last year and is now Head of the Private Brand Collection. Before joining Mastermind Toys, Lowry led the expansion of Hudson’s Bay Company’s Owned Brand portfolio. She also previously launched Indigo Books & Music’s exclusive home brand. The Mastermind Toys team has grown its book selection and added new educational workbooks. In addition, the company has introduced a new Curbside Pickup option.

As Canada’s leading specialty toy retailer, Mastermind Toys is committed to providing memorable gifts for kids. The company’s new omnichannel strategy allows customers to explore discoveries and receive world-class in-store experiences every time they shop.

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