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Fashion Magazines

Most Prestigious Fashion Magazines in the World

About Fashion Magazines

Fashion Magazines are journals that deal with the topic of new trends in the field of the Fashion Industry. The industry has a few branches: lifestyle, decor, fashion trendsetters, fashion disasters, and most importantly, clothes. A French designer introduced a fashion magazine in the late 17th century, but it could not achieve fame until the late 18th century. Since then, fashion magazines have achieved success and fame around the globe.

Let’s get into some details by diving into the pool of information about the top 5 most prestigious fashion magazines in the world.

In the list of Magazines, the United States of America has won the list. By providing the world with four renowned, oldest, and most prestigious fashion magazines, the States magazines have set new trends, and covered news from around the world related to the fashion industry.

5 Oldest And Most Prestigious Fashion Magazines Around The Globe

Fashion magazines written in the beginning were especially for women. The newest versions since the late 20th century are targeting men as well. In the article, you will also be provided with the details of coupons and discount promo codes on purchasing these Magazines. The first magazine on the list is the most famous Vogue Magazine of the United States of America, published in 1892.

Vogue, United States 1892

The publication of Vogue began as a newspaper in the year 1892; it was a failure until Condé Nast published it as a women’s magazine in 1909. Since then, Vogue has touched upon fashion trends and set benchmarks in becoming the guide of the changing trends of the fashion industry. In the year 1910, when Vogue was published as a bi-monthly magazine, the magazine turned out to be a huge success as it was published in nine editions around nine countries. 

You can purchase Vogue from the shops that keep newspapers and get a discount on the magazine with the promo codes.

Seventeen, United States of America, 1994

Seventeen was not the first magazine targeting young teenage girls, but it was definitely a success when first published in 1944. The magazine has colorful pages and guides young girls about fashion and its changing trends in a friendly and motherly tone at the same time. Despite stiff competition faced in the later years, Seventeen stills stand out to be loved and preferred teenage magazines.

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Cosmopolitan, United States of America, 1886

The magazine Cosmopolitan was published by a female author, Helen Gurley Brown. The magazine is famous for providing information about fashion trends and came out with a revolutionary idea in the late 1990s. The magazine talks about how to lure a man, and the cover attracts more males than females. The magazine in the late 1990s was published in 29 distinct languages. Since its publication, Cosmopolitan has become the favorite magazine in the world.

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Grazia, Italy, 1936

Grazia is considered to be the fashion Bible of Italy for over 80 years. Grazia is a weekly fashion and is the leading ambassador of ‘Made in Italy.’ Grazia is an international name serving the ladies of the countries by providing them with the latest and newest news on fashion trends and changing styles that change every season. 

The magazine can be grabbed from the newsstands by saving money deals from the coupons of the magazine articles.

Harper’s Bazaar, United States of America, 1938

Harper’s Bazaar was published in New York City stating that, women who are the first to buy the best, from casual to couture.” The magazine comes monthly and has a subscription plan as well for its regular customers. The magazine is a complete destination for women to know and purchase the latest trends from knowing fashion blunders. The magazine is considered the One-Stop-Destination for designers to display their collection.

The subscription plan can be claimed with a discount from the magazines.


From the late 18th-century, fashion magazines have achieved fame, and various branches of the industry are being discussed and loved by their readers, from teenage magazines to giving women advice of not just fashion but pleasing a man, or talking about the greatest fashion shows to discussing the fashion blunders from top designers and models.

Fashion magazines are a One-Stop-Destination for women as it is the greatest chit-chat in a kitty party of the allied class, and teenage girls talking about the latest pop songs from the magazine list.

The magazines can be owned at discounts from magazines’ coupons, which helps you save money on your favorite gossip about the fashion industry.

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