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Reasons why you should study MBA in New Zealand

MBA is a diversifying field that opens many career pathways for students. However, the degree-holding such importance comes along with a high cost and special needs. When this significant degree of MBA from a foreign country, it becomes the cherry on the top. However, if we talk about New Zealand, it is becoming an absolute choice of Asian’s and all other students looking to enroll in a foreign university.

Why should you study MBA in New Zealand?

The cost of living in New Zealand is higher than that of the other countries where most international students are coming, nevertheless, the other fantastic opportunities for the students make them go through their tenure. Here are the reasons why you should MBA in New Zealand;

Cost of Studying

The studying fee is the most concerning aspect for almost every student. New Zealand provides MBA degrees at affordable rates, making it an absolute choice for international students as affordable rates will help you manage your expenses when living in a rented apartment or a hostel. It also helps you acquire MBA Assignment Writing Service, with the bit of saving that you could make due to the affordable studies. Even the cost of applying for a student visa is $185

Internationally Recognized

The best part of studying MBA from New Zealand is that all the universities offering MBA programs are internationally recognized; this makes you think out of the box when choosing career options in other countries after completing the MBA degree program. In addition, the degree of MBA is valid everywhere around the globe.


The universities in New Zealand have well-equipped classrooms. All the new technologies and intelligent learning to the MBA students graduating from the universities.


The teaching technologies in New Zealand are helping the students to understand the course of action for a given problem. Different training courses and workshops are also part of the curriculum. The advanced curriculum also plays a vital role in improvising the presentation skills of the high degree program.

Admission Procedures

Compared to other countries, getting admissions in the MBA from New Zealand is much easier and simpler. In addition to this, the visa procedure is also effortless when planning to move to New Zealand for higher studies.

How Can You Study MBA in New Zealand

Entering the MBA program; there are some specific requirements such as;

  • You need to show a bachelor’s degree or give an equivalency
  • As a student from a foreign country, you need to present your IELTS or TOEFL reports with scores of 6.5 for general and 6.5 or above for the section scores. Some universities and courses even require you to provide a GMAT or GRE score.
  • The students must have work experience of around 3 to 4 years in the same particular field of study.

Top-Notch universities of New Zealand offering MBA Degree

New Zealand is home to the top higher education institutions in the world. In the Times Higher Education World University Ranking of 2021, there are 8 universities in New Zealand. The names of these universities are as follows;

University of Auckland

2021 ranking: 147

The student population at the University of Auckland is over 7000, with many foreign representatives. The first 10 weeks in the MBA program at the University of Auckland are lecture-based. Then, moving on towards the 11th week consists of assessments due to which many students look to hire MBA assignment help for better grades. Finally, the 12th week is a relaxing period for the students. However, the entire program goes around for 18-36 quarters.  The average work experience of the students enrolled in the MBA degree program of this university is 13 years, and the average age is 37.5.

University of Otego

2021 ranking: 201-250

The MBA in 1976 at the University of Otego. This program is available for all the students who want to attend on-campus classes and who want to attend virtual classes. The MBA degree program from the University of Otego consists of a minimum of 15 months and a maximum to 2 years program depending on the electives that a student chooses. To get admission to this university, candidates need to fill a particular form, give an interview and prepare a video conference presentation on current affairs. The university also offers scholarship opportunities.

Auckland University of Technology

2021 ranking: 251-300

The MBA program at the Auckland University of technology to cater to complex business environments and emerging needs. However, this is a 4 years degree program gives students the leverage to choose the number of subjects in each term.

University of Canterbury

2021 ranking: 401-500

The University of Canterbury aims to train students to benefit international organizations by helping them grow innovatively. The MBA program at the University of Canterbury consists of 180 credit hours based on compulsory courses and electives, and consulting projects. For the compulsory courses, every student given 120 hours, for electives 15 hours, and for consulting projects 45 hours. The span for completing this degree is a minimum of 16 months to a maximum of 5 years.

Victoria University of Wellington

2021 ranking: 501-600

Victoria University of Wellington situated in the capital city of New Zealand. The program of MBA is an Executive one in which is consists of four trimesters. The degree program from this university gives out lucrative career opportunities to its graduates.

University of Waikato

2021 ranking: 501-600

The MBA program at the University of Waikato based on three-inter disciplinary areas. The duration of this degree program is 18 months for international students, whereas domestic students are required to spend 24-36 months.

Lincoln University

2021 ranking: 601-800

On the basis of sustainability and responsible management, Lincoln University offers an MBA program.. To enter the degree program in business, a student must have a work experience of 2 years and a minimum of 2:2 honors degree, also, international students whose first language is not English are obliged to give an IELTS test with required scoring.

Massey University

2021 ranking: 601-800

The Massey University of New Zealand is unique from all others, as it offer students to be full-time students by attending on-campus classes, as well as, according to the feasibility of students, they can even attend virtual classes.

To secure the degree of MBA from this university, you must complete 180 credit hours consisting of lengthy assignments and essential lectures.

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