• May 22, 2024

Common Reasons Why Your car accident claim can be denied

After a car accident, there are considerable expenses to bear-like, like medical bills, property damage, etc. So while you might be relying on your insurance company, they will only try to save the company money even if it is your insurance company. 

In addition, the insurance company will try to manipulate you with various tricks. So to make sure that you get the compensation you deserve, it is better to be prepared before handed. Unfortunately, one of the common mistakes people make is not hiring a Fort Wayne auto accident attorney.

Other than that, people tend to skip some reasons, resulting in a denied claim by the insurance company. Below are a few reasons why your car accident claim can be rejected.

1. Driving without a license or an expired license

If you do not have a license or an expired license, being intoxicated while driving is a potential reason why the insurance company can reject your car accident claim. However, these actions are illegal; therefore, the insurance company is obliged to disapprove your claim if any circumstances are valid.

2. Not notifying the insurance company.

Not telling the insurance company about a car accident is one of the most common mistakes. Unfortunately, most insurance companies stand by this policy. However, suppose you get your car repaired before and inform your insurance company. 

In such a case, it gets difficult for the company to track down the essential details of the accident and assess the property damage. As a result, they may not approve your claim.

3. Delayed or no payment of your insurance premium 

If you want your claim to be approved, make sure you pay your policy’s premium on time. If you fail to do so, the consequences can result in the rejection of your claim, as the insurance company has every right to do it. So to validate your claim, the fundamental condition is to keep your policy active by depositing your payment punctually.

4. Late reporting of the accident 

The insurance company expects you to claim your car accident immediately; however, they offer a timeline to report your accident. But if you miss the timeline or do not provide all the necessary documents, the insurance company may deny your claim. Therefore, you need to inform the insurance company before giving your car for repair to get your claim approved.

5. Giving false information

If you have given incorrect information when creating your policy to reduce your premium and the insurance company realizes this, your claim will be instantly rejected. 

Please do not provide any false information to your insurance company as it may result in refusal of your claim, or they may even consider your policy null.

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