• June 20, 2024


You notice the power of influence when you read fairy tales. Snow White hesitates to take the apple. So, the queen cuts the apple and eats half of it. The little mermaid uses the fork as a comb. Then, she sees humans use it to eat. People in their close surroundings are their only source of information. They do not have an Instagram account to check product comments.

You take notice of them and aspire to be an Instagram influencer. You want to give people who are looking for a second opinion your honest advice. So, you take the first step by creating an Instagram account. What is next?

An influencer is someone who affects or changes the way that other people behave. There is no secret to Instagram Influencers’ power. There are more than two billion active Instagram users. They spend an average of 30 minutes per day on the platform. Most of them seek Instagram influencers.

What can you do to become one of those successful Instagram influencers? We listed five tips for you to become a successful Instagram influencer:


Today, many influencers use Instagram to reach a wider audience. Some of them are ambassadors of brands due to their influence.

The brands’ first-to-go accounts are those with big followers. Yet, lately, Micro-Influencers found their way to favourites. Brands notice that more than numbers, there are other factors to increase influence. Such as having the same values as the company or morals approved by the public.

The most important factor is engagement rate. A successful Instagram Influencer engages with their followers and knows their audience. Their Instagram account is not only based on their interest but also others’.

You can find the steps to build a successful Instagram Influencer account below.


An individual has a lot to talk about. Yet, to grow an audience of the same interest, it is important to choose a niche of interest and availability. Niche builds the consistency of your account and content.

The first thing a person would do before following an influencer is to check their interest. Your account’s niche allows people to have an idea about what you post.

According to the research, the top five profitable Instagram niches are:


Most Instagram users find new places to visit from the posts. Some of them share their travel experiences. They do not trust tour companies’ advertisements. They prefer the stories of their favourite Instagram Influencers. Sometravel Instagram influencers are@travelbabbo,@danielkordan , and @jannid.


The researchers state that 65% of teens discover beauty products on Instagram. Beauty lessons and makeup hacks are always part of the most viewed content. It is no surprise that many beauty brands reach influencers for product reviews.

Some beauty Instagram influencers are @labmuffinbeautyscience, @huda, and @nyane.


Instagram is a powerful tool for fashion brands and fashion influencers. People use Instagram not only for fashion products but also for style recommendations. That makes fashion one of the profitable Instagram niches.

Some fashion Instagram influencers are @taneshaawasthi, @thelanguageofyolande, and @iambeauticurve.

Health and Fitness

Many Instagram users use the platform to look for health and fitness products. Also, for workout suggestions and tools. They follow influencers such as@kayla_itsines, @tallyrye, and @syattfitness.


While it is nice to choose a certain niche, some people still talk about their lives. The unique way they deliver and show their life makes them an influencer.

Some lifestyle Instagram influencers are @sincerelyjules, @enjoyphoenix, and@colormecourtney.

Other than the niches listed above, people also follow influencers of various niches. Such as gaming, computers, humour, shows and movies, music, etc.


The very first thing people check when they look at your account is your aesthetics. Colours, outline, tone. A unique Instagram aesthetic makes it easier for others to recognize your account. It might sound simple, but your aesthetics support your influence.

While choosing your aesthetics, it is important to be aware of:


Instagram is a visual app but adding captions let the visual talk louder. Captions are explanations of the photo or video and often encourage engagement. So, it must be relatable with the post while holding a unique or fun tone.

There are some tips to follow to make your captions reach a wider audience.


The Instagram engagement has become the most important factor for a successful Instagram Influencer. It is beyond the follower count and measures how your audience reactsto your post. It also shows their interest in your content.

Instagram engagement includes:

Having a big number of followers does not always guarantee high engagement. That is why even with fewer followers, it is possible to become an Instagram Influencer.


Being a successful Instagram influencer isn’t easy but is possible. You need patience, consistency, and practical tips to lead you to success. Find your target audience, your perfect niche, and your aesthetics. Caption your world and encourage engagement. Let your audience know you are the Instagram Influencer they need.

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