• June 21, 2024

SweetNight Beautyrest mattress feeling

Reasons for buying

There are many reasons to buy, friends original, offline salesman propaganda, etc., probably these few reasons.

1, domestic and foreign SweetNight price difference is huge, the same price to enjoy a variety of high-end black technology of foreign products, faith plus points.

2, good sleep, good support, sleep a sleep without back pain, ventilation and air.

3, more comfort layers, reduce the number of turnovers, improve sleep quality ……

Purchase channels

1, their own orders, to raise a container of mattresses together with the most economical and cost-effective return.

2, offline also has a product display, you can go offline store experience.

Use the feeling

To talk about the actual feeling of sleep, the first feeling, too soft! 3 degree of hardness and softness are so soft, those 5, 10 ah that is not to sleep inside the water. I may be dull, tasting mattress is almost doctrine, feelings are for reference only, if the same, please praise!

My wife and I have always thought that this mattress is too soft, sleep on the heavy part of the body into a very deep, such as the hips, in other words, the mattress wrapping is very good sleep after turning over more difficult, and I do not know whether it is good for children to sleep on this bed in the end. The company’s main goal is to provide a good solution to the problem.

About sleeping on which bed health, this is the same as the dispute between Chinese medicine and Western medicine can not say, someone sleep cervical spine, lumbar spine bad sleep hard bed, someone said to sleep with good support, I think this has the greatest relationship with personal habits, if you are used to a soft bed, sleep hard bed you simply can not sleep, the same reason, sleep hard bed sleep soft bed damage to health, so suitable for their own is the best.

Later learned that foreign hotel mattresses are very soft, many people go to live in hotels are not used to sleep, but also listen to a statement is the difference between Asian and European and American physique, all they are suitable for soft beds, we are more suitable for hard beds.


My family is already composed of three people, to say two people, is the wife and children. Now all the focus is on the two of them, all purchase plans to be approved by the wife (because twin mattress in a box 1.5 meters wide really can not sleep 3 people )

PS: or talk about 2 people, the bed is too soft, when there is strength can not make, ha ha ha.


1, the mattress as a whole soft, I did not sleep on this mattress out of the gap sense, a variety of scientific and technological materials also did not arrive, the strange feeling organs are not developed.

2, it is strongly recommended to buy a mattress must be personally experienced, suitable for their own is the best.

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