• June 19, 2024

The Rise of CBD

Recently CBD, officially known as cannabidiol, has impressively become a household name, whereas before, it was almost unheard of in the typical U.S. household. In 2018 new laws passed allowing CBD to be sold and consumed with no legal consequence, so long as the THC amounts were kept beneath 0.3%, a tiny amount that will not produce the high associated with marijuana. This resulted in an explosion of CBD into the marketplace; the versatility in CBD can be consumed led to numerous products to choose from. 

It’s kinda funny, seeing that so many people are aware of CBD but little comprehend what it is. The hemp plant, widely known because of marijuana, has hundreds of compounds, one of which is CBD. However, the plant is more famous for its high inducing relative THC, the chemical that triggers the high people get when consuming weed. The cool thing about CBD is that there is no high felt from consuming it, but there are many health benefits linked with consumption.

So now that we know what CBD is let’s talk about how it functions in the body. Only decades ago, the world of science discovered the Endocannabinoid System. In short, the ECS affects almost every aspect of how our body functions—affecting everything from mood levels, energy levels, immune strength, pain perception, and many others. In addition, new science demonstrates how therapeutic regulating the ECS can be on people’s health, both mental and physical. This is why consuming CBD has shown promise in treating such a wide variety of sicknesses. 

Currently, extremely promising research is being conducted on how CBD affects ailments such as arthritis and other autoimmune disorders, neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, ADHD, Chrons, and much more. In addition, the majority of individuals eat CBD for relief of anxiety, pain and as a sleep aid. For example, the anxiety relief CBD offers helps those who suffer from insomnia and other sleep-related disorders realize better quality sleep. 

We now know both what CBD is and what it does, so how do you take it? The four most popular CBD consumption options are: 

Under The Tongue – One of the first ways people took CBD was sublingually or under the tongue. Skip forward to 2021, and very few people consume CBD sublingually. 

Vaping – The CBD bud can be smoked, similar to the way people smoke weed. For individuals who don’t prefer actual smoke, then vaping is an option. 

Topically – CBD salves have become a lot more common in recent years. 

Eaten – At this time, eating CBD is the most common way it’s consumed. With endless recipes available for infuse various foods with CBD oil, even edibles like CBD gummies. 

Currently, CBD can be found in many supplement stores. However, quite a few people source their CBD supplements through online vendors. In addition, there are many online CBD stores online tailored towards varying CBD-related products, from CBD vape pens to CBD gummies, these ones are very popular https://bestbudscbdstore.com/products/full-spectrum-cbd-sour-gummie-worms-1500mg.While the science is very promising, CBD is new to the general public and the medical community. It is recommended that you make an appointment with your primary care doctor prior to starting any CBD routine. 

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