• May 22, 2024

Top 5 Hairstyles For Bridesmaids

Planning a wedding will surely put you in the nitty and gritty, including the location, the cake, the invitations, the DJ, the guest list, the menu, the bridesmaids, the maid of honor, the wedding dress, the bridesmaids’ wedding dresses, the wedding hairstyle, the bridesmaids’ hairstyles, and many other things that it can be overwhelming to just think about!

Where should you even begin?

We advise selecting your wedding hairdo before deciding on your bridesmaids’ looks. 

You can consider how your bridesmaids will look to complement that theme once you have decided on it (for example, glam, boho, natural, classic, etc.).

Coordination of bridesmaids, but not necessarily matching them, is a popular trend this year. This can be done with both the dresses and the hairstyles. 

Always remember that one bridesmaid’s hair type may work for one, but not the other. 

To ensure that all your girls are looking and feeling their best, consider each bridesmaid’s personal style, hair type, hair length, and level of comfort.

Here are some of our favorite bridesmaid hairstyles and hair ideas for this year’s upcoming wedding season, so you won’t have to worry about it.

1. A brief, slick ponytail

This is an exquisite and passionate look that suits a variety of hair textures. To achieve the style:

  1. Do a middle part and smooth either side down with hairspray or pomade.
  2. Simply pull the hair back into a low ponytail, and you’re done! Your bridesmaids can even do this gorgeous yet straightforward haircut themselves.
  3. Use 2-3 wefts of Luxy Hair extensions to add thickness to your ponytail to spice up the style, as seen in the video. You may even add delicate curls, knot the ponytail with a pretty ribbon, or add some jewelry, as seen in the third image

2. A smooth low bun

A sleek low bun goes perfectly with the notion of sophistication and elegance. It contrasts nicely with the low ponytail above. 

Even if they don’t look identical, your bridesmaids will “go” together. 

This timeless, classic updo hairdo is also effortless to make. 

Divide your hair into a center or side part, slick each side down with hairspray or pomade, and then gather it all into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. 

Then, using a hair donut, equally, distribute your hair all around it to form a flawless bun. Finally, use bobby pins to tuck any extra hair under the bun.


3. Sleek and sexy side part

The above bridesmaid’s hairstyle suggestions now have an attractive third option. 

It’s okay if some women, like myself, choose to wear their hair down! 

Once more, you want to complement rather than duplicate. 

Make a severe side part in your hair using a rattail comb to achieve this bridesmaid hairstyle. 

Make sure to part your hair on the side at least 2-3 inches to achieve this hairstyle’s smooth impression. 

Make sure the part will stay in place by slicking the hair down and using hairspray, pomade, or hair gel (for a more damp effect). 

Keep the hair straight for an edgier vibe, or add gentle waves to the bottom for a romantic appearance.


4. Glam Hollywood waves

For bridesmaids, Hollywood waves are cute and ideal for a traditional, vintage-inspired wedding. 

With a few adjustments, any bridesmaid can wear this hairstyle, which is reminiscent of the classic elegance of old Hollywood. 

Large, unruly curls that gently tumble and wonderfully frame the face are featured in this style. 

Apply a holding hair mousse to damp hair to achieve the desired effect. Then, using a large round brush, blow-dry your hair in sections, building up lots of volumes.

Then, wrap sizable portions of hair around a curling wand with a 1.5 to 2-inch barrel, let each curl cool in your hair, and clip it to your head. 

Next, remove each curl’s clip and give it a little twist to relax. 

Any bridesmaid will look beautiful with big, glam, sensual, old Hollywood waves. 


5. Side braid that is messed up

The easygoing, boho aesthetic is undeniably hot right now, extending to bridesmaid haircuts! 

This boho, undone side braids are everything, and you can adjust them to fit the different hair types of your bridesmaids. 

The secret to pulling off this style is to pull on the braids to make them looser and give them a purposefully unkempt appearance. 

Here are three different braiding techniques using Luxy Hair extensions for increased volume: a three-way fishtail, a super-cute bubble braid, and a boho braid.


Final thoughts

Which bridesmaids’ hairstyles do you like best? 

We’d love to see images from your wedding and hear your hairstyle suggestions for further inspiration! 

BTW, New Times Hair is right here for your support. We are a manufacturer, distributor of all sorts of hair extensions and wigs. All our products are made of 100% human hair, for the most natural, authentic look. 

Whatever style or volume you like, we can make it possible!

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