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Algebraic Expressions

What are Algebraic Expressions?

The basics of algebra state how to express any number of unknown values using the alphabet. These letters or alphabets are called variables as they can assign any value. Algebraic expressions express numbers using variables and constants through basic arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc. Each algebraic expression consists of different parts such as variable, constant, coefficients, and exponents. These are explained as follows:

  • Variable: we can change Any quantity whose value is unknown and according to the conditions and boundary set in the expression.
  • Constant: A quantity that doesn’t change the value under the given conditions.
  • Coefficients: The fixed number (positive or negative) associated with variables by way of multiplication.
  • Exponents: The number of times a variable is to be multiplied is denoted by its exponent.

The mathematical expression contains many terms or parts connected with addition or subtraction. A term can consist of a variable alone, a constant alone, or a combination of variable and constant. It can be a product of the same or different variables or variables and a constant.

Let’s take an example of the following algebraic expression.

12x – 6y + 27


  • x and y are variables with an unknown value that can take any value.
  • 27 is the constant which has a fixed value that doesn’t change
  • 12 is the coefficient of x, and -6 is the coefficient of y, as these are constant values multiplied with variables.
  • The expression has three terms.

Types of Algebraic Expressions

The types of algebraic expressions vary depending on the number of variables present, the number of terms in that expression, and the values of the exponents of the variables in each term. Depending on the number of terms, the different types of algebraic expressions are as follows:

  • Monomial Expression: An expression with only one term where the variable’s exponent is a non-negative integer.
  • Binomial /Trinomial Expression: An algebraic expression consists of two or three monomial expressions as different terms.
  • Polynomial Expression: An expression containing any number of monomials more than one.

Algebra Formula

The algebra formula gives the idea that helps to understand and solve algebraic expressions using some defined procedures. The algebra formula guides solving big and complex problems in simple steps. The algebraic formula helps to learn the simplified method for solving the algebraic expressions consisting of several terms and finding the value of an unknown number or variable.

An algebraic formula is an expression written using mathematical and algebraic symbols following certain rules. The expression involves two algebraic expressions with an equal sign between them. This form of an algebraic expression is known as an algebraic equation. The left side indicates an algebraic expression, and the right side gives a simplified form of that expression. It is a short and simplified form to remember certain equations used to solve complex algebraic calculations. These algebraic formulas can be derived for topics like logarithms, indices, exponents, probability, etc.

In algebra formulas, the validity of a condition as expressed in algebraic form is always true regardless of the values assigned to the variables. The algebra formula satisfies the algebraic Identity, which means the left-hand side of the equation is identical to the right-hand side of the equation for all values of the variables. The algebraic formulas are important tools for students to handle complex problems involving algebraic expressions. Learning about algebraic formulas is an essential part of the academic curriculum. The algebra formula has been widely used in many mathematics topics as in other branches of science to arrive at specific solutions involving unknown quantities or variables, exponents, and coefficients.

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