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What Are Cremation Urns

What Are Cremation Urns 2022

The 2020 cremation urns rate in the United States was 56.1%. The Cremation Association of North America estimates that number will rise to 72.8% by 2030.

Although it’s popular, cremation is a much different process than a traditional casket burial. In the absence of a casket, you need to store the remains in a safe place. There are also several options on what to do with the remains after laying someone to rest.

Keep reading to learn more about cremation urns and how to use them to preserve the memory of loved ones.

What Are Cremation Urns?

Cremation urns are special containers that hold cremated remains. A funeral home will provide you with a standard urn if you don’t buy one beforehand.

A standard urn is usually wooden. It can also be an inexpensive bag or metal container. However, most people opt to buy a unique urn for their loved ones instead.

Types of Urns

There are many different types of urns you can choose to buy for you or your loved one. This includes the material, size, and shape.

You can buy urns made from wood, stone, marble, metal, and ceramics. Eco-friendly options are also available using cornstarch, sand, or salt.

Along with the material, you can select different sizes and shapes. The standard urn shape is like a vase. Depending on the material and size, they can be pretty heavy.

Cremation urns are also available in custom styles and jewelry. Before choosing which type of urn you want, you have to decide how you will use the urn.

How to Use an Urn

There are several ways you can display or use the urn. Many people choose to store the urn in a columbarium. A columbarium is a particular room or building to hold urns, usually found at a cemetery or other public burial site.

You can also bury the urn, like you would a casket, at a cemetery plot. Yet, if you want to bury the urn, you will require a smaller plot of land.

Some people choose to display the urn in their homes. For these three options, a solid, heavy urn is a good choice.

Jewelry is a great choice if you want to keep a piece of the person with you at all times.

Another choice that is becoming more popular is the bio urn system. As mentioned, you can choose to use an eco-friendly urn.

With this urn, it will slowly break down over time and provide nutrients to the soil. In addition, some eco-friendly urns have the choice to grow into a tree or other plant.

Additionally, some people request their ashes be scattered. Before scattering the ashes, you should ensure they are in a secure container that you can open. You also want to check with local regulations before preparing a ceremony.

Rest in Peace

The reality is, death is inevitable. Nonetheless, if you know that you or a loved one wants to cremate your body when you die, you can look at cremation urns before you pass. Knowing the burial rites you want can help you choose the best urn.

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