• July 18, 2024

What Are Sneaker Proxies and Do You Need One in 2022

If you have the faintest idea of what sneaker copping is, you might already know why you need sneaker proxies in 2022. Without sneaker proxies, you won’t stand a chance against the buyers who are already prepared to snatch the deals away with their robust proxy settings. 

But, for those who have little to no experience with sneaker copping, let’s understand what it is before jumping into sneaker proxies.

Sneaker Proxies

What Is Sneaker Copping

As you’ll see, using the typical manual technique rarely results in success while trying to snatch the latest sneaker releases. The time taken for you to discover the proper product, add it to your bag, and complete the checkout process is always longer than other buyers.

It isn’t your broadband connection that you should blame. Anyone purchasing special edition sneakers for personal use or resale does it with the assistance of technology and charges you a lot more when trying to buy from a retail store. 

Whether you’re looking to acquire shoes for personal use or to resale at a greater price, it’s preferable to employ sneaker bots to help you achieve your goal. The practice of employing an automated bot to grab sneakers is called sneaker copping. Sneaker bots are automatic programs that submit several requests via the website in less than a minute, increasing your chances of receiving the greatest items. 

However, you can’t just go on buying the bot and keep copping. You will be permanently or temporarily prohibited from accessing the page if you make hundreds of requests on the page from the very same source. To correctly checkout multiple sneakers using the bot, you’ll need a sneaker proxy and a sneaker server deployed.

What Are Sneaker Proxies

Websites block IP addresses that submit an unusually high number of queries to their system as a safety precaution. A bot performs the same thing. It sends a massive number of requests to the website in a couple of seconds to guarantee that the goods are pushed to the cart.

As a large number of purchasers wait in line whenever the sneakers go on sale, an enormous number of bots might cause the website to slow down or crash. To avoid this, the companies take precautions by banning sneaker coppers from accessing the initiative even before they could begin working on it.

Sneaker proxies are proxy servers that hide your IP address and provide a mock IP by forwarding your requests through their own servers. Fundamentally, sneaker proxies act like any other proxy, but the advantage of a viable sneaker proxy is that it provides a much broader pool of IP addresses and provides location-based services to unblock content from a restricted source. 

How to Choose the Best Proxy for Copping Sneakers

A sneaker proxy should have properties like:


Nowadays, everyone uses bots to get their hands on sneakers. You won’t be able to buy a single pair if your proxy isn’t quick enough. The sneaker proxies you choose must be able to forward bot requests quicker than the others.

As your bot will be sending hundreds of requests in a minute, choosing a proxy that isn’t fast enough to handle such volume won’t be viable. If it’s not fast enough, the requests will keep stacking and create a bottleneck for newer requests. 


It’s pointless to use proxies if they can’t hide your IP address and geolocation from the domain you’re targeting. To ensure an effective sneaker copping, a good proxy ought to be able to hide your IP address and switch that with a fresh one.

Since systems can now distinguish between human and machine requests, selecting the finest proxy services available is essential. An effective proxy service helps you maintain your anonymity over the sneaker shops and the whole internet. Not only for purchasing the limited-edition sneakers, but you can also use the proxies to surf the web and to keep yourself hidden from malware. 

A Broader IP Pool 

An IP pool is a collection of IP addresses that the user (you) gets access to while using the proxy for forwarding connections. Typically the number of IPs accessible by a user depends on the package they are on.  

When the sneaker sale starts, your bot will submit millions of requests. The proxy must accommodate it by assigning a unique IP address to each connection. When the sneaker sale starts, your bot will submit millions of requests. The proxy must accommodate it by assigning a unique IP address to each connection. When the sneaker sale starts, your bot will submit millions of requests. The proxy must accommodate it by assigning a unique IP address to each connection. 


It’s not very pleasant to experience a disconnection after investing in bots and proxies while copping sneakers. The sneaker proxy that you’re considering should be able to handle multiple connections simultaneously without crashing down. 

Location Services 

Select a proxy provider that provides IP addresses in the region of the destination site. This will assist you in overcoming location-based limitations as well as avoiding any suspicions. It might also be possible that the websites have location-based discounts. To avail of that, you need sneaker proxies that support location switching. 

Reliable IP Rotation

While it’s unrealistic to expect a proxy pool to contain thousands of IP addresses, you can count on an effective rotation of IP addresses to keep your bots hidden from websites. Reliable IP rotation ensures that the IP addresses that were used in the past will only be used after a certain period throughout the session, which depends on the number of IP addresses available. 

If your proxy isn’t able to effectively rotate IPs, you’ll end up using the same IP address for every request, which will soon get you blocked.  

Do You Need Sneaker Proxies in 2022

Yes. As internet shopping grows in size and speed, the importance of proxies for sneaker copping has increased manifolds. You already have noticed how hard it is to book a pair of limited-edition sneakers from an online store. And it’s almost impossible to buy your favorite products without being a little sneaky. 

The Bottom Line

Although if everyone else is doing something, it doesn’t automatically make it legal. Using proxies is absolutely legal, but what you are using them for is imperative. If the website you’re getting your sneakers from, explicitly mentions their policies around bots and reselling, not abiding by them can be the ground for legal action. 

Read the terms and conditions of the websites before proceeding further.

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