• April 16, 2024
when does prime day end

When Does Prime Day End

Prime Day is the biggest shopping day of the year. It’s the day when Amazon invites its Prime members to shop for deals on various items, from electronics to clothes. But what happens during Prime Day? And when does it end? To answer these questions and more, we turned to Amazon’s website. Here, you can read everything from how Prime Day works to the deals available throughout the day. So whether you’re planning on shopping this year or just curious about all the fuss, take a look at our blog article and learn everything you need to know about Prime Day.

What is Prime Day?

The Prime Day sale is a day-long event for Amazon.com, where members can purchase various items at discounted prices. Prime Day began on July 15, 2015, and the sale will end at midnight PT on July 17. Some of the best deals include 50% off select video games, 30% off select home improvement items, and 25% off select electronics. There are also deals for everyday products like diapers and toothpaste.

How to shop on Prime Day

This year, Prime Day is on July 15. But what does that mean for you?

┬áPrime Day is Amazon’s version of Black Friday. It’s their biggest day of the year, and they do everything they can to make it a great shopping experience.

 Here are a few tips to help you get the best deals:

 1. Sign up for notifications. Amazon will email you when new deals are going live, so you don’t have to manually trawl through all the pages.

 2. Scan the barcodes first. This is especially useful if you’re looking for specific items – just type in the barcode and see what results.

 3. Check out lightning deals first. Short-term sales usually end early in the day or at night – so be quick!

 4. Be prepared to spend some money! Prime Day usually means big discounts on top brands like Nike, Apple, and Samsung, so be prepared to put some cash down!

Prime Day Deals

When is Prime Day? Prime Day is the unofficial name for the annual Amazon.com shopping holiday. It takes place on the third Monday of July each year. This year, it began on July 15 and will end on July 17 at 11:59 PM PT. What can I buy on Prime Day? Anything available to purchase on Amazon.com! That means you can find deals on books, movies, music, electronics, and more! How do I take advantage of Prime Day deals? The best way to take advantage of these deals is to head to Amazon.com and sign up for a free trial of Amazon Unlimited or Amazon Family unlimited membership plans so you can shop even more! Do I need a Prime membership to take advantage of Prime Day deals? No, you don’t need a Prime membership to take advantage of these deals. However, suppose you’re not already an Amazon customer. In that case, signing up for a free trial of an Amazon Unlimited or Amazon Family unlimited membership plan will give you access to even more great deals!

Prime Day FAQs

What is Prime Day?

 Prime Day is the biggest shopping day of the year for Amazon. It’s a global event that started in 2015. This year, it runs from July 15 to 17th. 

 How can I shop on Prime Day?

 You can shop on Prime Day by clicking the links on this page. 

 Which Amazon products are available on Prime Day?

 All Amazon products which are available to buy online on any other day are also available to buy on Prime Day. 

 What are the benefits of being an Amazon Prime member?

 Being an Amazon Prime member gives you free two-day shipping (with no minimum purchase required), access to Kindle Unlimited, and more. 

 Are there any deals specific to Prime Day?

 Yes! There are several exclusive deals available only during Prime Day. You can find these deals by clicking the link below each product image: “See All Deals On Prime DAY.” 

 Can I still order things if I’m not an Amazon Prime member?

 Yes! You’ll be able to place orders just as normal, but you won’t receive the benefits of being an Amazon Prime member, such as free two-day shipping or access to Kindle Unlimited.


Prime Day is coming to a close, so don’t forget to take advantage of all the deals! There are still a few deals left, but they will be gone soon. Be sure to check out Amazon’s homepage and join its waitlist if you want a chance at getting an exclusive deal before it sells out. Thanks for reading, and have a happy Prime Day!

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