• May 23, 2024

Why make your website accessible? – AccessiBe.

When you see a person with a visible disability, maybe they are trying to go down the street on their scooter or walk down the street with their crutches, you most likely want to jump in and help them. But not all disabled people have a disability where they need help walking down the street. What are some of these disabilities? Well, some people may have an upper limb difference, some people might have a hearing impairment, some people might be colourblind, or any number of visual impairments. When you think of being disabled you don’t really think of the disabilities that I just mentioned, let alone all of the others that I didn’t mention. Although you can’t help them like you would help the man walking down the road, you can help them a different way. For example, making a website accessible. This is something you can help with, through companies like accessiBe.

A lot of people might think in terms of building a ramp or putting a railing next to a flight of stairs, but for a lot of disabled people that doesn’t do anything for them. But as I mentioned above, making a website accessible will help those who face roadblocks to accessibility in this way. There are ways you can help your website become more accessible as well. For example, for a person with a visual impairment, you can add the option of larger fonts, audio descriptions for images or you can use more calmer colours to name just a few of the things you can help with.

By making a website more accessible it can help disabled people use your website and enjoy it. If you really want to help disabled people, this is a really good way to do it as the internet has become such a big part of our everyday lives. When you make your website more accessible it also benefits those who aren’t disabled. It will be quicker and easier for everyone to access to name one way this is the case, but there are lots of different ways that making your website accessible can be beneficial for everyone.

Summary  So, in summary, you can help more people to have an enjoyable experience when using your website. Website accessibility helps everyone to enjoy your website and shows you care about making the world an equal and accessible place for all.

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