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Asana Demo

A Comparison between Asana Demo and Monday. Com Demo

In today’s rapidly transforming technological world, peoples’ interest in project management software is the only thing that remains consistent. Asana and moday.com are two of the biggest giants in this quickly expanding industry. Both the Asana demo and Monday.com demo seem to be brilliant in their own capacity, and the ardent users of any of the software zealously advocate for their chosen software. But for a newbie, who is not yet familiar with both the products and the difference between their pricing model, which one is actually better amongst the two is quite a tough choice to make. Let’s have a quick look at both the software and decide which one is the better choice.   

Asana Demo 

Asana Demo offers a flexible platform that works for a wide variety of businesses and management and also many other features that make it rather an appealing tool for teams. Asana Demo is not only an excellent tool for organizations of all sizes but also ideal for operations, human resource teams, product development, sales, and marketing. It lets the teams plan, organize, collaborate, and execute tasks. It acts as a great companion to meeting deadlines and avoiding chaos. This web-based collaboration and task management tool helps to bring all tasks together and eliminate any email mess. Asana allows you to collaborate with other team members, exchange related files, keep track of all the tasks, and much more.  

Asana Features 

Some of the main features of Asana are as follows:  

Communication Tools 

Keeping track of messages and their associated tasks can be managed efficiently inbox, even tasks can be attached to the messages, and project conversations be used to continue ongoing discussions. PDFs and photographs can also be proofed and any other comments you make can be turned into tasks to make the team members aware of what needs to be done.   

Different Ways to View Work 

Asana Demo is designed primarily to adapt to the workforce requirements as it provides multiple ways to view your projects and tasks.  

  • My tasks: This allows you to see all your tasks in a to-do list format. 
  • List: Helps you view and group your tasks in a grid format. 
  • Calendar: This shows a list of tasks to be completed within a deadline. 
  • Inbox: It comprises a list of your conversations. 
  • Board: All of the upcoming tasks are displayed in a bulletin board-style format. 
  • Files: All the files uploaded to the project are grouped together. 

Management and Reporting Tools 

Reporting tools of Asana software make it easier for the team managers to keep project updates organized and send updates when needed. They can also set ‘goals’ (to keep everyone updated) and ‘milestones’ (for motivation and to encourage the hard work of the team).   

Easy App Integration 

The Asana software’s integration feature makes it easy to use many different apps that work well with Asana, like; as file creation and sharing; Adobe Creative Cloud, OneDrive, Office365, Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox. For communication; Power BI, Microsoft Team, Zoom, Outlook, Gmail. And Harvest as a built-in time tracker tool.  

Monday.com Demo 

 Monday.com project management software is a collaboration software that provides a personalized interface for its users to work without limits. Monday com demo can not only be used to manage all of your projects but also to track bugs, as a CRM to manage your ad campaigns, and manage video production. There are numerous ways to use Monday.com project management software and teams use it for all of their required tasks; i.e., from engineers building airplanes to teachers planning lessons and preparing lectures, etc. 

Monday.com lets you easily produce and execute workflow on a single work OS platform. You can easily start, integrate with tools and manage the workflow in a single place while saving time with automation. Monday.com offers solutions for sales, marketing, CRM department, creative department, Human resources, and operations.  

Features for workflow are also integrated in Moday.com software like; inventory tracking, remote work, and project management, best suited for small to medium businesses and enterprises. Various templates for different purposes are also included i.e., sales, marketing CRM, freelancing, project management, design, content production, software department, HR, operations, education, real estate, venture capital, and construction.   

Monday.com Features 

Some of the main features of Monday.com are as follows: 


It provides the opportunity for the users to integrate their work at one place for co-editing, sharing comments, etc. with their team members. It offers videos and dashboards etc. to automatically sync the workflow.  


It allows the integration of different tools in one place for its users eliminating the need to switch to different tools for every task. The tools relating to project management, software department, CRM, and marketing can be integrated by the users. 


The automation feature enables the teams to be more efficient. The teams can set up alert updates for scheduled meetings and also schedule messages to be delivered at a later time.    


 It allows the users to check the things with a cursory glance required to create custom dashboards and helps in creating collaborative management.  


Monday.com provides fully customizable, easy-to-use Kanban software where the user can create their own or use the in-built templates, release quality work faster, automate grunt work and stay at the top of the game.    


The Gant feature allows the user to visually track, plan and execute projects. To make the users able to complete their target on time, it tracks timelines or deadlines. It allows the users to import excel data and convert then into smart-looking Gantt charts.    

Asana vs Monday.com 

Individual users can get Asana software for free but for Monday.com software the free version is available for two users. Both of the software programs provide free versions but Monday.com is considered to be the better option for solo users and businesses. Asana offers various paid plans but the more extensive features are only accessible for the premium plan holders also the best features of Asana are only provided to the most expensive paid plans. Therefore Monday.com pricing is very convenient for large organizations.     

Even though Asana is quite a popular project management software that offers more integration but it lacks some important features. It is user-friendly and offers a range of resources to help you get started. Its advanced search features prove to be pretty convenient for finding team members. Adding tasks, sending invitations, and scheduling meetings become so easy due to its user-friendly interface. Nevertheless, despite having many benefits, Asana pricing proves to be the deciding factor for many businesses.       

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