• May 23, 2024

Top 6 Anniversary Ideas

From the very first date and “I love you” to the engagements and weddings, there is a wide variety of occasions that many couples celebrate under the anniversary category. Staying with your loved one year after year is good, but after so long, you may run out of ideas, especially when you have a set budget or time limit for your special day.

Your anniversary is a great time to push everything aside and have fun. Gifts are excellent, but you need to experience something new!

Stay At A Bed And Breakfast

You don’t need to travel far to enjoy the relaxation of your anniversary weekend getaway. Sometimes all it takes is booking a room at your local bed and breakfast and staying just the two of you for a couple of nights. It’s nice to do things with your loved one and get away from the everyday repetition of responsible adult life. Even if all you can go for is one night, it will be worth it because you can sit back and relax, avoiding any added stressors from your work or extended family.

Revisit Your First Date Spot

It doesn’t matter if it has been ten or even forty years of marriage, you can still visit where you went on your first date! Whether it was just drinking at a nearby bar, dinner, a bowling alley, or an arcade, you can go (if they are still in business!) and recreate the magic of that particular time.

If you live together, you can even go as far as getting ready solo and then driving separately to the location to add a little role play and adventure to your date, allowing you to relive your very first date. Drawing inspiration from such an exciting time in your life, you’re sure to make new memories that mean just as much. It’s the little things that make a difference!

Go Camping

Do you enjoy the outdoors? Many couples love being outside and connecting with each other in a grounded outdoor adventure. Being around nature in the middle of nowhere is fun. With the fresh air and fireside s’mores, there are plenty of opportunities for sparks to fly between the two of you. There are many different things to do when camping; you can go fishing, kayaking, shooting, hiking, etc. It’s nice because you get to relax, do what you enjoy as a team, and reconnect without distractions like social media.
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Go On An Adventure

Go on an adventure to someplace you’ve never been before. Find the nearest limo rental in Utah, cruise around and explore different parts of your city that you’ve never seen before. Adventures are fun, and sometimes when you go on them, you discover things that you’ve never heard of or seen before. You can plan things to do as you go on the adventure; sometimes, planning things ahead of time is boring, and they aren’t as exciting as exploring because you have a general idea of what to expect.

Go On A Mini Road Trip

Road trips are fun, but not everybody can take an entire week off from work and life to do one. If you’re short on vacation days, you can visit the small town close to you that you’ve always wanted to see. Explore something new but also nearby together by making a quick road trip. You get to spend quality time with your loved one with nothing else in the way besides your destination.

Organize A Double Surprise

You can both be in charge of planning part of the day’s surprise. You can break it up every couple of hours or even just morning and evening. You get to prepare part of the day and schedule specific events or activities to take your spouse on, while they get the remaining time to schedule their own surprise for you. Working together and creating joint surprises can become a tradition for future anniversaries. The anticipation and mystery can really build excitement towards the activity, no matter what it may be!

With a bit of planning, you can have a romantic anniversary date that’s cheap, fun, and memorable no matter where you go. Step outside of your usual routine and try something new every year to keep that love story of yours alive and interesting. Don’t forget to keep track of each new memory by taking pictures you can look back on for years to come.

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