• July 19, 2024

Acne Prone Skin: What Should You Do for a Cleaner Skin?

The pain of having acne prone skin is really terrible. It hurts when you see your skin suffering from pains, spots, redness, and acne marks. Indeed, you should do something concrete about your skin like start using acne treatment products by Synergie Skin. Once you use the right products that are made for your skin, you get the results you desire for.

Which type of acne do you have?

Well, you know, hormonal acne is something that takes place due to excess oil generation. It is because of Hormonal Imbalance. On the other side, there is bacterial acne because of bacteria build up that actually clogs the pores. It results in acne. At times excess oil generation can trigger acne causing bacteria to thrive and even which in turn triggers acne. 

Don’t use everything for your acne 

You must understand that acne prone skin has to be treated with proper care as it is extreme sensitive to many ingredients & products. Coconut oil, even parabens, algae extract, even lanolin, and isopropyl myristate or Isopropyl palmitate are known to have some comedogenic properties that can actually trigger breakouts easily. Hence it is best to avoid these ingredients to avoid your acne.

Use the products having the right vitamins 

It might surprise you that Vitamin C is the finest-known vitamin for clear skin, it can easily help combat free radical harm, enhance collagen production and even helps reduce acne marks. Vitamin C even provides added sun protection.   The point is once you apply the acne treatment products that have the perfect blend of the right sets of vitamins, you can be certain that your skin shines and stays acne free. 

You know once you use Vitamin C & Zinc, they do help with acne as Vitamin C offers a robust antioxidant support, enhances collagen production, reduces acne marks and even offers added sun protection. Zinc aids in inhibiting the acne triggering bacteria and diminishes excess oil production that triggers acne.

Then vitamin A is also helpful for the acne people. Ongoing acne breakouts might eventually take its toll on your self-esteem. Appreciatively, vitamin A is a force to be calculated with when talking about fighting acne. It endorses healthy new cell growth and even strengthens your skin tissue from inside. This is a somewhat fat-soluble vitamin that is extremely beneficial in regard to the overall health of your skin cells and even skin function. The point is once you use the acne treatment products that have vitamin A and vitamin C, you can be certain that you are working on your skin. These products would get you healthy, smoother and acne free skin. Using the right products with the right vitamins can do the needed transformation!


To sum up, whether you are worried about getting acne or you are already experiencing acne skin; it is time that you get proactive about your skin care. Use the skin products that are specifically meant for your skin care and its health. After all, it is about making the perfect moves that work for your skin and its health.

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