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What Shampoos Cause Hair Loss? Are You Using the Right One?

What is the one hair care product that is an absolute necessity in the shower? The answer is simple and obvious: it is a good shampoo. Having a thoroughly clean scalp after an intense workout or after spending the entire day outside exposed to dirt and pollution is essential. But what happens when the shampoos that make such tall claims fall short?

Hair loss is a widespread problem, especially if you suffer from alopecia, and its effects can be long-term or temporary. Alopecia can result from medical conditions, hormonal changes, or even heredity. Anyone can suffer from alopecia and lose their hair because of this, but we can all agree that men tend to lose hair more than women. After all, baldness is a significant issue for men, be it for hereditary reasons or simply losing hair for other reasons, like using inappropriate shampoos, or other hair styling products. Though there are many effective and easy hair loss treatment options like https://www.numan.com/hair-loss/minoxidil that have shown remarkable results for people suffering from hair loss, it is still important to prevent the hair loss problem from becoming severe by identifying the actual cause behind it. There could be multiple causes for the same as identified above. However, in this article, let’s further see the shampoos that might be the root cause of your hair loss problem.

7 Shampoos That Cause Hair Loss

  1. Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Moisturizing Shampoo

All this shampoo does is leave the hair feeling lifeless, greasy, and sticky, say customers who tried out this shampoo. And although the price is higher than most drugstore shampoos, it doesn’t do much for the hair and the scalp except for the lovely fragrance this shampoo has. This shampoo for hair loss also is said to strip off the moisture of the scalp instead of hydrating and moisturizing it, which ends up making hair rough and dull-looking.

Matrix Total Results High Amplify Shampoo

Although this shampoo is meant to add volume to the hair, it ended up doing nothing of the sort, said users. In fact, according to several testimonials, this shampoo leads to massive build-up, which ends up unbalancing the pH level of the scalp and thus causing more hair fall. But that’s not all; there have been reports of this shampoo stripping off color from the hair, thereby making the hair look dull and coppery.

TIGI Bed Head Self Absorbed Shampoo

Customers have complained about this shampoo being worse than regular drugstore shampoos, especially with its weird chemical smell. But that’s not all this shampoo hair loss. Instead of improving scalp and hair conditions, it ended up damaging the hair more, which ultimately leads to hair loss. In fact, one customer complained that the drying and damage were so severe that it became difficult to even run fingers through the hair. 

Burt’s Bees Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bar

There have been several complaints about this shampoo bar not doing its job of cleaning the scalp properly. And that’s not all. It ends up making the hair dry and dehydrated, which ultimately makes detangling very difficult and can easily lead to losing strands of hair. Also, this shampoo doesn’t lather much, which is why you will need to spend a lot of time in the shower and still not have your scalp clean.

Head & Shoulders Refresh 2 in 1

Complaints have poured in from several customers about the inefficiency of this shampoo when it comes to restricting hair loss while cleaning the hair; according to some people, all this shampoo did was burn their scalp as well as eyes. In fact, users said they would rather live with dandruff than give this shampoo one more try. All this hair loss shampoo did was make people feel their hair is going to disintegrate, and nothing would be left anymore on their scalp. 

TRESemme ColorThrive Brunette Shampoo

The major issue that customers faced with this particular shampoo is that it performed in the exact opposite way it was supposed to. Meaning it didn’t do anything to restore or brighten color, and if that wasn’t enough, it didn’t cleanse the scalp as well. There also have been complaints about the scalp being itchy after continuous usage of this shampoo.

Devacurl No-Poo Shampoo

There have been several complaints alleged against this Devacurl shampoo, saying that this particular product caused hair breakage, scalp irritation, and hair loss. Not to mention there have been issues with this shampoo not cleaning the scalp well and leaving a greasy residue which leads to product build-up and ultimately hair loss in the long run.

Look Younger with A Hair System- Solution to Hair Loss/Baldness.

Losing hair due to an inappropriate shampoo is common, as we have already mentioned earlier. But what happens after you have already lost your hair? Well, don’t give up hope yet of looking younger again cause hair systems are here to your rescue. Hair systems include men’s hair toppers, partial wigs, or wigs made of human hair and perfect for covering up baldness or thinning hair.

And in case you think men’s hair toppers are still as artificial and fake as they used to be, it’s not the truth anymore. These hair systems are custom-made and are made to fit just your needs. A good hair system is a perfect match to a customer’s hair texture, density, and color. That being said, here are some benefits of men’s hair system:

  • Hair systems are easy on the pocket, unlike hair transplants, and require less risks and downtime. You can have multiple hair systems to choose your taste and mood.
  • Hair loss can feel like a big setback to a lot of people, especially if it does do some damage to your confidence level. Hair systems help you get back your natural look and confidence back, and enjoy life to the fullest without any limitations.
  • You can see immediate results with men’s hair toppers instead of having to wait for results. And with hair systems, you can easily keep experimenting with your looks.
  • A professional hair system is just like your natural hair. You can do all your regular activities without worrying about it coming off, and that’s not all! You can swim, jump, and take a shower with it. And in case you feel like cutting or coloring it according to your own taste, you can do that too.

Many of us do not put any thought into choosing a shampoo and, in the process, end up damaging our hair beyond reparation. As hard as it might seem to lose those precious hairs in today’s day and age, there are non-surgical hair replacement systems here to help reclaim your confidence and life back.

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