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Kodachadri Trek

Best Things About Kodachadri Trek 2022

Kodachadri trek Located in the depths of the West Ghats in the Shimoga region and occupying its place as the highest peak in the Kingdom, Kodachadri is home to tropical forest trails with dense tropical forests, beautiful waterfalls, and spectacular views. It is located in the Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary, and is behind the Moola Mookambika temple, which is believed to be the traditional tradition of Sister Mookambika. Getting a glimpse of the sunset overlooking the Arabian Sea from its summit offers a delightful experience; a combination of mountain and sea, those very few peaks in the world can boast of.

Observe the fantastic canvas from the highest point, which suggests the famous Mookambika Temple and the Mookambika National Park.

Kodachadri trekking allows adventurers to explore the beautiful green hilltop views and rejoice in nature’s wonders.  If you’re lucky, you might see rare species like the Malabar Langoor, Malabar Pied Hornbill, and Indian Rock Python, among many others.

The vastness of beautiful lush green rolling hills that make up the Kodachadri Trek are well-known treks near bangalore.

The hills are thickly forested and stretch as far as the eye can see.

The grasslands with the Shola forest unfolding at a height of 5,735 feet are something you see on the Kodachadri trek.

Parakeet green, Pine green, and Emerald green are some of the different shades of green.

The drama and theatre of a combination of cloud and mist, which adds to the greenery, is a thrilling experience.

The Hidlumane Waterfalls are made up of a cascade or a series of seven waterfalls.

The gushing waterfalls directly above your head are a sight to behold and something you won’t see on other treks.

You should take a dip in cold running water or your foot in the water. Apart from travelers, visitors and visitors can be seen climbing the summit of Kodachadri. In the stone building, the goddess Mookambika is said to have fought and killed the demon Mookasura. Morning and evening, the temple on the summit is often filled with mist and mist.

Mookambika Temple, Adi Shankara is shrouded in mist from the Kodachadri Trek. Photo by Suhas Saya. The temple is also dedicated to Adi Shankara who visited the summit, meditated here at Kodachadri in the middle of 7 AD. The Kodachadri trek takes you through the dense Shola forests of the Western Ghats. A thrilling experience for any hiker who loves to walk through a dense roof and the perfect exposure to hiking.

On the Kodachadri journey, you can enjoy the beauty of nature as well as the tranquillity of camping in the wilderness.

·           Location: Near Kollur, Shimoga District, Karnataka

·           Kodachadri Trek Distance: 14 km approx. (via Hidlumane Falls)

·           Route type: Tropical rain forests, waterfalls, pastures, and cliffs

·           Altitude of Kodachadri Highest point: 1,343 metres above sea level


There are three routes to the top with the exception of a few other less explored ones. The most famous challenge, and the biggest one, is the one that passes through Hidlumane Falls starting at Sampekatte or Marakuttaka. The trail is remote and impressive and requires you to pass through dense jungles, small streams, and literally climb a waterfall into another ball during heavy rain. Despite the efforts, the trek to the top is one that you will remember and be proud of as you are transported to another world, with magical visions, untouched forests and challenging climbs in every corner.

The third lane is actually a jeep lane and is the longest on this lane and will take you from your descent from Kodachadri if you have to choose a jeep.

Those three routes lead to the Moola Mookambika Temple, which has PWD guest houses and a few residences and serves as a significant landmark.

The highest point is 2 kilometres away.


The route through Hidlumane is a group from Plan the Unplanned including me following on our way to Kodachadri in May 2018 and as a result I will focus on the same.

And as described in our tourism guide, Jatin, one of the founders of the PTU, has five lines, especially one to consider on this route.

The first is the open field pasture that spans out through the dense jungle trails. Lots of paddy fields later, the trail eventually leads to a house where a little surprise awaits tired travelers. Spoiler warning, the challenging part of the trip actually starts here.

However, your efforts are well rewarded with a spectacular view of a huge waterfall that descends a distance of 60 feet [60 m]. To put it bluntly, the feeling of pure water flowing through your tired body. Fill your water bottles here as you will need them for the next trip.

The Best Time to Visit.

However, heavy rains or occurrences during the rainy season are preferred as landscapes that look good here in the green. However, heavy rains and unpredictable weather in Kodachadri can make crossing waterfalls very difficult and difficult to navigate here.

How to reach.

Kodachadri is located on the Shimoga-Kollur highway and Kollur is the nearest (20 kms) connected by major cities such as Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai by bus. The road distance from Bangalore to Kodachadri is 400 kilometres, and the best route is Bangalore – Tumkur – Tiptur – Arsikere – Tarikere – Shimoga – Hosanagara – Nittur.

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