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Leh Bike Trip

Best Reasons To Do Leh Bike Trip 2022

~Unnati Khandelwal Aug 10, 2021


On ‘The Land Of High Passes’, the Leh Ladakh bike trip is thrilling, rewarding, engaging, through the rocks and along the streams amidst the towering mountains. Topping most of the riders list, the Leh bike trip is truly an adventurous journey powered by majestic views of the Himalayas and interesting sightseeing hotspots all along the tour. It is much more than just an adventurous riding trip, offering the highest motorable passes to explore the local culture, food, hotspots, raw nature, scenic views, and snow decorated mountains. It takes you on the way to icy lakes, forests, valleys, deserts, every nook and crannies of what your imagination might lock.

The Leh bike trips present a riding distance of about 1360km with a maximum altitude of about 17,470 feet. Spots that display the attraction of the place during the journey are the Hall of Fame, Magnetic hill and Sangam. A Royal Enfield of 500cc for dual riders and 350cc otherwise would do the job with assured thermal clothing and windproof jackets. The maximum number of days for Leh bike trip is 6 days and months from April to June or September to October mark as the best recommended time to make it one of the best motorcycle tours you would ever experience countrywide. Mentioned below are some more detailed reasons why you should start planning your Leh bike trip already~

For The Enthralling Scenic Beauty

Leh bike trip is a 6-day journey filled with bright blue sky, snow-capped mountains, lush vegetation, blue or icy lakes, and unworldly scenic beauty as if painted every Himalayan rider’s imagination into reality. It will welcome you to ride some of the highest and best motorable routes and mountain passes, like Khardung La and Chang La Pass. You will ride the beautiful roads meandering through the mountains which makes the highest motorable roads accessible for travel anywhere in the world and other mountain passes. Nestled between the Himalayan and Karakoram ranges, Ladakh offers engulfing views, the serenity of nature and is perfect to lock some lasting memories.

The Magnetic Hill

One of the most admired visiting spots in the Leh bike expedition, Magnetic Hill lies 30 kilometres from Leh. The fascinating fact is that the strong magnetic properties of the hill pull cars uphill. The signboard at the spot instructs you to switch your car off and leave it in neutral. When you do this, your car starts moving uphill, usually at a speed of 10-20 km per hour. This very unique and mind-blowing fact excites many travellers. But, this experience can only be enjoyed by the visitors with a car.

As for bikers, they get to enjoy the heavenly place. Also, The Gurudwara Pathar Saheb is located on the way from Leh to Magnetic hill which is definitely worth a visit!

The Lakes And Camping

The boundless lakes of Leh-Ladakh are entrancing and bewitching. It looks like the sky meets the lake which makes it a perfect place for photographers and social media bees to get their just as perfect clicks. Like your ‘3-idiots’ movie dream to visit the beautiful lake in the background, the Pangong Lake. Every year in the winter months, a carnival or festival is planned over the frozen lake for ice-skating enthusiasts. Camping and stargazing are the must experiences to be taken away from any trip and Leh won’t disappoint you when it comes to sparkling views.

For The Mouth-Watering Cuisine

One of the truly full-filling factors in a bike trip is the local food or cuisine it offers. During the Leh bike tour, authentic momos and thukpa of Ladakh will tease your taste buds with exotic chilli flavour and fresh vegetables and making the journey worthwhile. The Indo-Tibetan cuisine’s secret lies behind the spice hidden in the valley which gives the dishes a distinct flavour. Adding to that, some places also serve Timok, a bread that is close to ‘roti’. To help themselves with the bone-cold temperature, locals eat chillies that help in keeping the body warm during the icy winters.

Fulfilling And Rewarding Journey

This journey comes to an end with a rewarding and accomplishing feeling as the Leh bike routes are considered as one of the most difficult to attempt for riders. It is a whole lot of adventure with some twists and turns and a bunch of challenges. Leh Ladakh journey with friends is a bucket-list experience for many, to be done once in a lifetime. Solo bikers will find themselves amidst the mighty mountains and tough roads that can run chills down the spine but are thrilling at the same time. You get to explore nomadic life and introspective time for yourself.

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