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Braided packing, which is also called compression packing, gland packing, rope packing, or rope packing, is a type of packing that is used to keep things in place when they are In mechanical equipment, it is used to keep things sealed. It acts as a seal and usually stops fluid or gas leaks. Braided packing is usually made of soft and flexible material and is made up of many rings that are inserted into the space between the rotating or reciprocating part and the pump or valve body.

To fulfil the various needs of the industry, the packings are available in a variety of high-quality materials such as carbon, graphite, PTFE, and others. These seals reduce emissions and save money while also minimising environmental effect. Cutting and handling tools are also available for these packings.


Expanded PTFE® yarns coated with graphite particles are used to make PTFE® – graphite based braided packings. These packings are resistant to a variety of chemical compounds and have a high heat resistance. The addition of graphite allows them to withstand even faster rotation speeds. We have a few models available, some of which incorporate aramid yarn reinforcement.

  • 3R730

It has an interlock braid packing made of EG2 PTFE/graphite yarn and a high-temperature break-in lubricant.

  • 3R782

This features a high temperature break-in lubrication treatment and is constructed of an aramid core covered with graphite particles and entirely coated with a PTFE jacket.


  • 3R746

This packing is made of high-purity flexible graphite that has been inflated and shaped into a braidable yarn before being braided without the use of binders or wire reinforcement.

  • 3R750

Its packing is a carbon fibre interlock braid that has been treated with PTFE and an unique lubricant.

  • 3R771

It’s a hard packing with a soft core consisting of braided inconel reinforced fibres.

  • 3R795

It’s a diagonally braided packing consisting of high-quality carbon fibres and pure, expanded flexible graphite.

  • 3R799

Its packing is made up of pure interlocking carbon fibres that have been treated with a lubricant and graphite particles to fill in the gaps.


The fundamental advantage of aramid fibre braided packings is their abrasion resistance. They’re commonly utilised in industries including pulp and paper, wastewater treatment, steel mills, refineries, and others where liquids contain particles.

  • 3R740

It has an interlock braided packing made of aramid yarn that has been coated with PTFE suspensoid.


The PTFE® (polytetrafluoroethylene) is a well-known product because of its great chemical resistance. It is also known for reducing the coefficient of friction and providing a good seal by design. Certain PTFE® grades fulfil the criteria of food and pharmaceutical industry regulations.

  • 3R720

It is a robust, high-density interlock braided packing made from pure PTFE filaments that have been prepared with PTFE dispersion but do not contain any other lubricants.

  • 3R725

It’s a soft, malleable interlock braided packing made from pure PTFE filaments that have been prepared with PTFE dispersion and a break-in lubricant to reduce friction.

  • 3R732 F.D.A.

Its packing is an interlock braided packing made of the purest PTFE filaments that is sturdy and supple.

  • 3R765

The valve stem packing is made of 100% pure expanded PTFE and is constructed in a unique braid-over-braid-over-core design with a round cross section.


These general-purpose packings are made of carded synthetic fibres coated with PTFE® or lubricated graphite and are utilised in applications with few restrictions.

  • 3R790:

It’s an interlock braid made from carded synthetic yarns saturated in a PTFE suspensoid.

  • 3R792

Its packaging consists of an interlock braid made from carded synthetic yarns that have been completely saturated with a petroleum-based lubricant and graphite.


Mildew resistance is strong in ramie fibre, which is a natural substance. It’s perfect for usage in frigid temperatures, with oil, sea water, or drinking water when combined with PTFE®, graphite, or a lubricant. Ramie fibre packings are commonly used in maritime, water treatment, and pulp and paper applications.

  • 3R710

Its packaging is braided in a square plait pattern with high-quality ramie yarns.

  • 3R755

Its packaging is made of the highest grade ramie yarns in a square plait structure with a PTFE .

Guillotine packing cutter:

At 45 degrees or end angles, it easily cuts all packing, including kevlar, copper sheathed, and wire core packing, up to 1″ diameter. Tool steel blades are available as spares.


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