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Exploration in Elden Ring Lake of Rot region is Fraught with Peril.

It’s no secret that FromSoftware is enamored with the idea of a noxious swamp. Players that are already proficient in the SoulsBorne series will face a substantial challenge from these enemies, which feature in every game in the series. When it comes to places where the player can die if they stay too long, Elden Ring is no exception. In order to stay alive while exploring this location, the player must devote a large percentage of their available resources to doing so. Because of this, warping back to Lake of Rot Shoreside Site of Grace whenever the player is about to die from the Scarlet Rot is a fantastic low-risk technique for earning cheap Elden Ring items while exploring this site. As a result, the Scarlet Rot can’t do any more damage to the player.

This area can be reached through the large Ainsel River, which can be found southwest of the Site of Grace in the Nokstella Waterfall Basin. This trail will be home to a lift that will transport the Tarnished to the starting point of the Lake of Rot. The Tarnished will be able to scavenge a map piece for the region from a dead person that washes up on the shore after they have rested at the Lake of Rot Shoreside Site of Grace. It is said that the Scarlet Rot Outer God is imprisoned beneath the surface of the greatest lake in this region, the Lake of Rot. There are a few strategies and tricks that can be employed to make it through the Elden Ring area without dying to the Tarnished if they stay in this wide place for more than a few seconds.

While the Preserving Boluses are essential for fending against Scarlet Rot, the player should keep in mind that after the accumulation is stopped by utilizing them, the status effect will begin to build up again. While in this area, the player can take advantage of numerous tools and equipment to make their travels much more comfortable.

Mushroom Armor, which provides a large increase in resistance to sickness, should be worn at all times while crossing the lake. The spell “Flame, Cleanse me” is harmful to the player, but it also removes all rot (this can be found near the Church of Vows).

The player can see a lone Ancestral Follower wandering around the region from the seashore if they look closely enough. After slaying it, the player can warp back to the Site of Grace using the Immunizing Horn Charm to travel across the Lake. As a result, the growth of Scarlet Rot will be much less hazardous.

While at the Lake of Rot, the Tarnished will be able to raise platforms for safe movement using levers on the pillars imbedded in the lake’s pillars. In total, there are four pillars, all of which are within a short distance of one another; when all four are triggered, a large portion of the Lake will be accessible.

Basilisks moving about on these platforms will make it obvious that there are a lot of them in this part of the Lake, making it difficult for the player to get around. The Beast-Repellant Torch, on the other hand, gives the player the ability to immobilize their enemies.

From here, the player can either head to the Grand Cloister or continue their exploration of the Lake on their journey to the third platform. They have the choice of one of these possibilities. The player can find the area’s Field Boss, a Dragonkin Soldier, to the east of where they now stand. There are a number of minor places to explore after defeating the Dragonkin Soldier. Each one has a unique item, such as an extremely high-level Somber Smithing Stone or ER Runes for sale. Towards the south of the map, in some ruins, the Mushroom Crown will be resting upon the corpse of a dead man. You’ll need to use your platforming skills to get to the top of the leaderboards.

To gain the Alabaster Lord’s Sword and a Somber Smithing Stone after completing the last stage, the player will be transferred to a new area where they can engage in combat with him. The player will be allowed to enter the Grand Cloister once they have this item. For fight with the Dragonkin Soldier, the Tarnished must walk on a weighted pad positioned on an eastern pillar and raise multiple large platforms around the monster. When facing the boss, the player no longer has to worry about the Scarlet Rot. This means that anyone who was relying on the immunity boost provided by the Mushroom Armor set will now have to find a new set of armor with a higher protection rating.

This boss can be easily dispatched by charging headlong into fight right away. While the Dragonkin Soldier is regenerating, the player will be able to take advantage of a series of free hits from the boss. Using the Mimic Tear to endure attacks allows the player to flee to a secure spot where they can heal. The bottom line is that you should avoid making this a war of attrition.

Scarlet Rot will no longer pose a threat in this final location, as there is a second Site of Grace to protect against it. Many Kindred of Rot may be found in the Grand Cloister, and the player will quickly run out of options if they don’t take them on individually. Ulcerated Tree Spirits also attempt to ambush the player in a hidden path. A Golden Seed will be given to the player after defeating this opponent.

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