• July 19, 2024

Finding the Right Birth Control – Vasectomy Cost and Birth Control Reliability

The options for birth control are many and varied. Some offer a one-time solution, and others a lifetime solution. Whatever our situation currently, if we are sexually active, we should be conscientious about using birth control, unless we are trying to get pregnant of course. But having so many options can make it hard to know what to do and what would be the best choice to make. We may wonder about the side effect of certain treatments, or the reliability of them. We may want something more permanent but question how much tubal ligation or a vasectomy cost.

There is a lot to consider but it is not something you should put off. This is something to work out now. Depending on the decision you make, this is something you could change your mind on in the future. For those not in a relationship, and even for those who are, some opt for condoms. Others may choose to have a pill, although again, there are lots of different types, that can have different side effects, so it is good to do your research and understand the pill you are taking. If you and your partner know you will not be planning for a baby for a few months or more there are birth control injections that you may decide to go for instead. These usually last a few months – again, do the research. Then there are birth implants that will last longer again – up to three years. Maybe you want to put babies on hold and plan to have them once you are settled in your career or you have finished university or whatever other reason that results in you not wanting children for a number of years. If this is you then hormonal or non-hormonal IUD’s (intrauterine device’s) may be your choice.They can last for five to ten years depending on what you go for.

But what if you are sure you never want children, or you have children and you are sure you don’t want any more? Well, there are the fully permanent solutions mentioned above – tubal ligation or a vasectomy. To take this step, please be absolutely sure that you do not want children. I have heard so many times of people having one of these treatments thinking they can get it reversed in the future only to find that they can’t. While it is sometimes possible, it sometimes is not.

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