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How Many Drinks Will Put You Over the Legal Limit?

Drunk and driving cases are the most common reasons for car accidents nowadays. This is because the excess amount of alcohol in your body can interrupt the working of your brain and can disturb the brain’s pathway communication. As a result, your brain stops working in an efficient manner and can cause serious car accidents. 

Since the mid-1990s, alcohol consumption in the USA has soared and as a result, car accident cases in the USA are increasing day by day. Car accident lawyers in Casper, Wyoming and different parts of the United States are working efficiently to help you in such kinds of cases. But you must know the legal limit of alcohol in your blood to avoid mishaps. 

Advice from all the DUI lawyers, regarding the number of drinks. It is impossible to tell the exact number of glasses. Different types of drinks have different levels of alcohol in them, so you cannot generalize the number of glasses. To be on the safer side, try not to drive any vehicle, even if you have taken a single shot of alcohol.  

To know more about the legal limit of alcohol, let’s jump into the article.

Legal Limit of Alcohol in Casper

There are different ways to check if you are over drunk or not. Let’s assume the most common method of checking, i.e., to check your Blood Alcohol Level (BAC). When somebody gets caught in a case of DUI, the first thing that needs to be tested is his blood alcohol level. The legal limit of Blood Alcohol Levels in the USA is 0.08% in general. 

But this limit varies when it comes to commercial drivers. The blood alcohol level for people over 21 years and are general drivers is 0.08%. But when it comes to commercial drivers, the BAC limits to 0.04. However, if the person is underage, the BAC limits vary from 0.01 to 0.03.

Factors Affecting Your Blood Alcohol Levels

As far as blood alcohol level is concerned, several factors will affect it. You must know all the factors to estimate the number of drinks you can have within the legal limit. But before understanding the factors, you must first understand the meaning of Blood Alcohol Level. 

What is meant by Blood Alcohol Level?

Blood Alcohol Level is also known as Blood Alcohol Content. It is a common way to check the amount of alcohol in your bloodstream. When somebody consumes alcohol, it won’t digest in his body but enters his bloodstream. As a result, the blood alcohol content of the person rises.

As the alcohol enters your body, the liver metabolises and tries to remove alcohol from your blood. But if you are drinking faster than the working of your liver, then your blood alcohol level will rise rapidly. As a result, you can feel drunkenness or intoxication. 

Your brain’s working also gets interrupted when you reach the limit of alcohol in your body. This is one of the main reasons for rapidly increasing road accidents nowadays. 

After understanding the blood alcohol level and the effects of higher BAC, let’s jump to the factors affecting the BAC of an individual. 

  • The amount of alcohol in your drink.
  • How fast you are consuming the alcohol. 
  • Have you eaten before drinking?
  • The gender of a person
  • The weight of a person
  • The size of the drink a person is consuming
  • The medical condition of a person can also affect the blood alcohol level of an individual. 

How to Count your Drinks to Prevent Reaching Legal Limit

Therefore, it’s crucial to know the ABV and pour size when calculating drinks. Craft beers are typically served in portions bigger than 12 ounces and with ABVs of more than 5%. Additionally, “over-proof” bourbon with an ABV of 50% or higher is sometimes used to create well-known artisan beverages like the Old Fashioned.

Now that we are clear on what constitutes a standard drink, we can go on to the scientific evidence that suggests each standard drink contains enough alcohol to roughly increase a person’s blood alcohol content from 0.02 percent to 0.025 percent. Therefore, multiplying.025 percent by three to four standard beers results in a BAC of 0.08 percent.

Feeling Sober After the Legal of Blood Alcohol Content

You might experience some situations where you are feeling sober even after drinking. But if you once checked by the traffic police and got your blood alcohol level more than 0.08%, they will consider your case a DUI. 

Before moving further, let’s understand what is DUI case. A DUI is a case when someone gets caught while drinking under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs. Even medicines containing alcohol are prohibited from taking before driving. Once your blood alcohol level reaches the limit, you can be charged against it. 

Your driving license can also be permanently canceled if you are guilty of a DUI case. So make sure not to drink before driving. If you need to travel after driving, you must give your keys to somebody else or can have a cab ride till you get home.

Drawbacks of Having a DUI Case

There are numerous drawbacks if you are found guilty in a DUI case. Let’s discuss them in detail.

  • Driving while intoxicated is a criminal offense that is strictly forbidden in every state. Therefore, once your name appears on a criminal record for DUI, it cannot be removed.
  • Finding sensitive jobs may be difficult for you if you have a DUI case on your criminal record.
  • Your criminal record will suffer if you have a DUI conviction. To demonstrate your character, you must put in a lot of effort.
  • You are disqualified for driving-related jobs like taxiing, transferring goods, bus driver, etc. 
  • To join the military, you must clear the security check. Having any criminal record, even a DUI case, can fail your security check. 
  • You can also get fired from your current job in some cases if you are found guilty of a DUI case. 


Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal in every state of the USA. Therefore, you must strictly check your blood alcohol level to prevent any DUI cases. If you somehow get caught in a DUI case, you should immediately call a DUI lawyer to get you out of such a situation. 

However, immediately call your car accident lawyer if you also cause a car accident due to DUI. He will help you in the best way possible and can reduce your punishments and charges.

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