• June 21, 2024

How Can Bluetooth Beacon Technology Take Care of Your Life and Health?

Beacons are small electronic devices that have multiple applications. They can act as fixed navigation points or mobile locators and identifiers of their owners. Bluetooth technology is currently very popular and no one is surprised by its presence in mobile devices like smartphones. Moreover, thanks to beacons, it can be applied for various purposes and is used by an increasing number of businesses.

Temperature, humidity, air quality and lighting

Yes, these are the parameters that can be monitored with the use of Bluetooth beacon technology. With beacons, you can keep an eye on the temperature as well as humidity and air quality in a room. This is a very important functionality, especially in office spaces that are located in city centers, and exposed to pollution and smog. Beacons can also be easily integrated with light sensors, which allows you to control lighting in smart buildings.

Location and identification of persons

Using Bluetooth beacon technology devices, you can detect the presence of people in specific rooms. Special tags or smartphones with Bluetooth can be used as locators. In order to properly identify people using smartphones, it’s necessary to esnure that these devices have Bluetooth turned on. If it’s hard or impossible to control this element, it’s better to use special tags in the form of wristbands or badges. Depending on the number of beacons in the room, you can determine the location of the tag owner with a very high accuracy. This functionality is extremely useful in hospitals, and healthcare insitutions as it helps to monitor patients and equipment.

Bluetooth beacon technology – a way to detect motion

An accelerometer is a very useful sensor that can determine the motion and position of any object in three-dimensional space. This technology can be used to create fall detection sensors. The small size of the accelerometers makes them suitable for wristbands, ID tags or jewelry. The devices can detect any changes in the tag’s position. Consequently, the sensor can automatically send out an SOS message informing about the potential danger to the wearer.

The takeaway

Bluetooth beacon technology is applied in various sectors. On the one hand, it can monitor room temperature and air quality in smart offices, and on the other hand, it can send out notifications when someone with a tag leaves the room or falls down. Beacons make it easier to take care of the life and health of employees, patients, and loved ones. 

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